Thursday , October 21 2021

"I really like the Verstappen! I do not understand why people think we hate each other"


In Formula One's weekly podcast, Beyond Grid, Carlos Sienz talks about his move to the keyboard and the move to the Bull Bull that did not happen. According to the Spaniard, the rivalry with Max Verstapen did not guarantee that he had no chance for the free chair at the Austrian racetrack.

Carlos Sainz

Sienz and Werstpan traveled together from the doctor of Australia in 2015 to a Russian doctor in 2016 together with Toro Russo. It never really blew between the two and Verstappen made the move to Red Bull Racing. Last summer, Richard's chair was released, and crazy enough, Seinz was barely tied to the team. Many thought it was because of the rickety relationship between Sainz and his teammate, but Seinz says that is not true.

"I think this was not the case … I think drivers do not have an impact on this, of course we had a rivalry, but I do not believe he's going to Christian Horner or Helmut Marco and then he says he does not want me … first of all because you look weak or you Afraid of being beaten and secondly because I do not believe Max will do that. "

He was also asked about his relationship with the Dutchman. Sainz does not understand why so many people think they do not like each other: "I really love Max, I do not understand why people think we hate each other, we had a rivalry, but we also had a lot of fun on the track. Fighting for our career, we were still novices. "

Sainz goes on to say that his move to Renault was the biggest factor in the move that did not happen to Red Bull: "I knew that Bull wanted to bring Pierre Gassley there, so I looked for other options. I left the family, as it were, and yet I made the transition because I was convinced that it was the best choice for me. "

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