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"Max was even faster than Mercedes in the second part"

Christian Horner is pleased with what the RB15 and Max and Rustefen showed together on Sunday. Red Bull boss Susyetis did not expect the Austrian team to be so strong and say that Verstappen was even faster than Hamilton during the second half of the race.

"We were stronger than we thought on Friday," says Horner Sports Sky. "In the second half of the race, it was even faster than Mercedes, it's a very strong base we can build now, but it just did not come close enough to Lewis Hamilton."

Verstapen is impressed by the yellow complex

45 An ally praises the opposite After a great start and one of the fastest peaks of the day, he was able to make optimal use of the medium band and make a big campaign for Sebastian and Tal. "

Pierre Gassley had just finished out of the points, and so had the wrong start of his time with Red Bull. Horner stood up for a young Frenchman who had to start the Australian Grand Prix from the seventeenth position. "Pierre made his way to a place just outside the points, on a track where it's very hard to get around, he's running hard and I'm sure his time will come." (Photo: Red Bull Content / Getty Images)

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