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"Paris Jazz made a suicide attempt" Entertainment

According to TMZ Ambulances reported at about seven-thirty on Saturday morning at the local home Paris Los Angeles. Paris lives with her boyfriend Gabriel Glenn. He probably found it and called the emergency number. At the beginning of the afternoon, Paris was allowed to return home, and a short while later she was seen in her apartment. Ironically, she was wearing a coat with a stamp: I'm fine.

Sources allow you to get to know the documentary film Never leave the country There's everything to do with Paris that wants to get out of life. The film accuses her father of abuse Wade Robson and James Safechuck In their childhood. Paris continued to believe in her father's innocence, but it seemed that all the fuss had now become too much.

Having a documentary is huge. For example, Louis Vuitton announced that he would remove all items related to Michael Jackson from the collection. Various radio stations no longer play his music, and Starbucks also expels the music of the King of Pop.

This is not the first time that Paris wants to end her life. She made an attempt five years ago. She was always open to the depression she was struggling with.

Paris responded now on Twitter to news of her suicide attempt: "F * Ck you the liars," she writes, followed by a tweet with all question marks.

Los Angeles police confirmed that an ambulance was indeed dragged because of a man who tried to commit suicide, but for private reasons he could not say who he was.

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