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snort. Download Naps Blood Pressure

snort. Download Naps Blood Pressure
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Nothing is as nice as an afternoon nap, but we often feel guilty about it. Such sleep often takes longer than planned and is a waste of time. or not? Scientists have discovered that a nap does wonders for your health. Finally a good excuse to get into bed during the day!


Doctors at the Asklepieion General Hospital in the Greek city of Vela examined 212 patients. This showed that a nap of one hour naturally lowers blood pressure. Since high blood pressure (or high blood pressure) can, among other things, promote cardiac arrest and stroke, it means that a nap has good implications for your overall health.

Less salt, less alcohol, more naps

The test subjects received any blood pressure during their sleep for one hour. It showed that their blood pressure dropped by 3 mm Hg thanks to the nap.Then it has the same effect as other lifestyle changes, such as eating less salt or drinking less alcohol.If you have time to take a nap, then you should do it.

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