Wednesday , September 28 2022

Stock Market Report: Ahold Facing Damrak High Financial


The AEX index was up 0.44% at 524.7 points shortly before 11:00, slightly lower than the earlier morning hours. The benchmark rose 0.2% in 71.3.4 points.

The German stock market rose 0.4%. Paris was 0.3 percent higher and London was 0.3 percent.

In Japan, the Nikkei rose 0.7% on Monday. Especially chip companies have been collected. Futures indicate the opening of Wall Street.

The trading week is expected to be again dominated by developments around the luster and trade isolation between the US and China.

In Britain, a vote of no-confidence against British Prime Minister Theresa May has not yet attracted enough conservative party members to vote.

On the trade front, the US and China did not approach each other during an economic summit in Papua New Guinea Earlier this month there was still optimism about a possible quick deal between the two superpowers, and all eyes are now focused on a meeting between President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Shai Gianfenging The G20 summit at the end of the month.

lamp Please specify Went head to Damrak with the main funds with a gain of 3.2%.

Suprmarkt giant Ahold Rose by 1.7% Heineken Received 1.4%.

ABN AMRO Rose by 1.6%, even though the bank is negative in the news. According to Fin Financieele Dagblad (FD), a group of senior executives once again wrote an anonymous fire letter. The writers seek the official status of bandits, so they can talk to him about problems in the bank without fear of reprisals.

Chick machine giant ASML On Monday morning the first showed a strong recovery after downward movement that has been hitting the foundation for months. The initial increase in price of almost 2% then fell back to 0.2%.

insurer ASR Rose 0.9%. According to KBK. Securities, the Company is preparing for acquisitions.

The Economist reported it on the front of the takeover Unilever And Nestle are still reporting in the race to acquire Indian daughter from GlaxoSmithKline. Coca-Cola would have stopped the fight. Unilever rose 0.5%.

French telecom concern is volatile Alteche Was at the bottom of the AEX index with a 1.7% drop.

In Midekap, the traders of flow of traders led the lead with a gain of 3.3%.

Semiconductor ASMI (+ 325%) Bessie (+ 1.5%).

Wholesale distributor B & S Group Saw the sales grow even further in the third quarter and, in his words, there is a good place to start a strong run in the second half of the year. No specific data was given. ING spoke about strong figures. The share rose 1.4%.

Von Handelshuis has further increased its interest in the Accell Bike Company. Von bought almost 447,000 shares on the stock exchange on Friday at an average price of 19 euros each. This means that the company already owns 18.6% of Excel. Von aims at a maximum of 20 percent. Excel There was a 0.2% gain on Monday morning.

The Retail Retail Retail Fund (3%) listed in Brussels and Amsterdam arrived Friday with data. In the first half of its broken fiscal year, he saw rental income rise 28 percent to 46.4 million euros. Kavak Securities concludes that the company is growing rapidly in the Netherlands.

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