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The family helps in intensive care

When the patient is in intensive care (IC), it often gives the family a helpless feeling. They do not want to watch without protection, but they are there for their neighbor to contribute to therapy. In any way. Nurses from the hospital at George Bush Hospital prepared a "participation menu." A list of family members can help, such as washing hair, brushing teeth, reading a book and helping with food and drinks. However they hope to limit – often large – the effect that recording has on intensive care. Both to the patient and to his family.

Security and support

A study conducted by IC Nurses Eline Schippers and Irene de Kroon showed that the family usually likes to help care for loved ones. "We have seen in the department that the family needs security and support, a family wants to contribute to the care of their neighbor, information is proving to be very important, the family wants to understand what treatment is needed so they can be well involved, and this reduces stress on the family and the patient by giving them Control. "

The participation menu is an idea that comes from a combined family therapy. An integrated family cares about different ways of involving more family in their neighboring care in the intensive care unit. The JHA Children's Department has been working on this method for some time. Here the parents help in caring for their children.

What is important and necessary

Elin: "Recently we had a patient who had experienced a lot in recent months, she was very ill and the patient caused her anxiety, and her husband slept with her in her room while she was in. She made her and her family look good, and for each patient we look at what is important and necessary for him or her. The family can mean that. "

The participation menu not only helps the patient family, but also ensures that healthcare professionals have more time for care where the family can not help. "At first, borrowing from the family may take a little longer, but if the family can do the actions from the participation menu once, we will save ourselves more in the background," says Eline.

Nice participation menu addition & nbsp;

IC uses various means to make health as friendly to the patient and family. Family rooms, supplementary care, IC diary, children's suitcase for children visit, family meetings and flexible visiting times … The participation menu is a nice addition to this.

Source: Jeroen Bosch Hospital

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