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The PlayStation explains why they are not present at E3 2019


Last year, Sony was amazed by an enemy friend by simply announcing that they would skip the E3 in 2019 after several very strong years. So, it was not entirely clear why the PlayStation chose not to be present except "We're looking for new creative ways to connect with our community." Is today PlayStation director Sean Leiden interviewed CNET A brochure on how they reached this decision in Sony.

According to Layden, the whole idea and foundation of E3 is no longer applicable to the current situation. E3 was originally designed for retailers to determine their purchases for monthly holidays for (playing) journalists and to write stories for magazines. Today, this dynamic has changed completely.

"We now have an event in February called the PlayStation Destination, where we bring all retailers and third-party partners to the story of the year.Your purchases are made in February.Now, now, it's just too late to hold a Christmas discussion with retailers.Then the retail really went down. Now, with the Internet and the fact that there is 24/7 game news, it has lost its influence around it so that the commercial exhibition has become a commercial exhibition without much commercial activity. "The world has changed, but E3 has not changed with it.

The E3 becomes less relevant to publishers and consoles

Sony seems to follow in the footsteps of other partners and console makers who have significantly reduced their presence at E3 in recent years. For example, last year the Xbox was in a stand mixer stall and was as good as not present at the fair and the stands both EA and Activision were also much smaller. EA even chose to celebrate their event near the E3, just like Microsoft did last year at the Microsoft Theater near the fair.

Xbox is going to be bigger than ever on the E3 2019

Xbox seems to make optimal use of the fact that the PlayStation will not be present at E3 this year. Philip Spencer said earlier in an interview that Xbox wanted to make a bigger mark this year than ever on the most popular game fair in the world.

Does Sony have a surprise store this year or do they just have to show it this year?

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