Thursday , September 29 2022

This fall, the sun has been the most measured


According to Wienerrar, the sun shone seven hours yesterday. If we count this, we'll go over a record number of sun hours from 1959. So the sun shone 449.2 hours in the fall (1 September – 1 December). And we're still not there: even sunny days between today and December 1st.

In many places

The record fell in De Bilt, where the official measurements of the KNMI are conducted, but also in many other places. The record was broken in Cabo, Delan, Arkan, Eindhoven, El, Gilza-Rigg, that is, Harvey's, Hoag, Ben, Hopel, Liszt, Markens, Rotterdam, Schiphol, Westdorp and Wilhelmindorp.

Incidentally, 2018 could also be the most sunny year ever, at least since the measurements began in 1901. Currently the meter stands at 1993.4 hours of sunlight. In 2003 the sun shone 2021.7 hours and that peak is within reach.

The sun will only have to shine another 30 hours in the next month and a half to get to the record. The most bleak December ever counted 19 hours of sunshine. If we take another gray month, then every hour of sunlight in November.

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