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2019 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards


Records to 2019 New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards
Closed on November 16, and the previous agricultural year
Winners say entering the awards was one of the best careers
Decisions they made.

Carlos and Bernice Delos Santos
Was awarded in 2017 to farmers' central level of the year
There were worldly runners. They say they grew up professionally
And personally only from entering. "You've heard it so often
From previous competitors, and the truth is, you really do, "
they say. "If we can get in again, probably
There was! "

Delos Santos still disagree with agriculture
At the same farm where they won the regional title and have
Increased their herd size to 370. "We're about to leave
Our next adventure will be more milking
Cows ".

"We certainly give credit for this progress
For the dairy industry. We learned it was a lot
It is easier to deal with potential farm bankers
Owners / consultants with the knowledge we have accumulated
The Dairy Industry Awards. "

This year, the couple
With the Central Committee Central Plane
Regional managers and they enjoy being able to cheer
The next wave of competitors came. "That's our way
Of giving back the prizes and it's amazing to be
Involved in what will be a memorable event for the future
Winners, "says Carlos.

"We know how it was before
A hand to start from nothing. We really worked
To the ground, and we love to share and encourage other competitors
Do the same thing. "

"We knew only by entering
You have all these goody bags and vouchers and if you do
A little better then you start to get some serious prizes. B
In the past, we would say we want to own a farm, but we never
There really was a plan instead of gaining ownership.
Entry into the dairy industry awards made us put everything
Write and work it out. "

"Now we have a clear track
How we're going to get there, what we need to do now
What we have to do in three years. "

Santos says the Persians also made them understand exactly how
Important to their family, allowing them to prioritize their own
Children and the time they spent on them. "Your growth
Business is one thing, being able to hang out with our own
Three small children even though we are busy, priceless! "
Says Bernice.

Awards are supported by the National
Sponsors Westpac, DeLaval, Ecolab, Unified Farmers,
Pontra, Honda motorcycles, LIC, Meridian Energy, and
Ravensdown along with industry partners DairyNZ and Main

"When you invest, it's easy to think you have
Everything went wild, "says Carlos
This year we sat and went inside
Detail to find out where we are doing great and where we are
Can get better. We were definitely out of our comfort
Area ".

To find out more about the prizes or to enter
On the farm this year, milk manager of the year or milk
This year's apprentice go to

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