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A 16-year-old who died after a severe allergic reaction has donated organs


A teenager in Auckland who has died from a severe allergic reaction has gifted her heart, lungs, kidneys and liver to save others.

Edyn Rubena-Misilisi, from Norwa, died on Sunday after suffering severe anaphylactic shock due to allergy to nuts.

The 16-year-old was separated on Friday, wearing her school uniform and her saxophone, Bonita Misillisi said Stuff.

Anaphylaxis is the most severe form of allergic reaction, often affecting several parts of the body, including difficulty breathing, sudden drop in blood pressure, or both, according to New Zealand Allergy.

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Edyn had dinner at a friend's house last Wednesday when she began to get a response.

She did not want to draw attention to herself, but she went home, where she could inject one of her three epiphanes-a device that runs adrenalin to fight allergic reactions.

She called 911. The paramedics arrived in seven minutes, the family said.

Edin's mother, along with firefighters and paramedics, decided after 10-15 minutes to take CPR at home before being taken to Middelmoor Hospital.

Adin with her parents Maurice and Bonita.


Adin with her parents Maurice and Bonita.

Father Maurice Misilisi said Adin had similar comments before and tried not to draw attention to herself, but no one is as significant as this.

She was stubborn and she never wanted to bother anyone, he said.

She was still in a coma by Sunday, when her parents decided to donate her organs.

Although it was contrary to their cultural values, "Eddin would have wanted it," her mother said.

Bonita said that Nadine is known as "the mother", "she was always about others and not about herself."

Taking allergies more seriously

Edyn Edann said people should take food allergies seriously.

They urged people with food allergies and their families to know what to look for and put a plan in place of a reaction.

Her father told people who had allergies "should be a bit more alert."

His message to young people was not to be afraid to "put someone out" by having an allergy.

Edyn was at a friend's house last Wednesday when she started getting an allergic reaction. She went home to use her api, but fell unconscious. She died in the hospital on Sunday.

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Edyn was at a friend's house last Wednesday when she started getting an allergic reaction. She went home to use her api, but fell unconscious. She died in the hospital on Sunday.

Tell friends to friend

Friends said Stuff Adin was safe and was not afraid to meet new people and make new friends.

"She loved the fun and liked to joke," said one.

They described her as smart, innovative, determined, inspiring and encouraging.

She loved music, including K-Pop (Korean pop music) and can rap in Japanese.

"She never let her allergy hold her back – she would take care of the situation alone," said another friend.

Edyn attended Oakland grammar school girls for 9 and 10 years before moving to Manurewa High School.

She was in the Kaorangi Wenao unit, and learned English, Rio and Japanese, her parents said.

In a joint tribute to Facebook and its website, Manurewa High School said Adin was "an outstanding student who is fully involved in the life of our school and really lives up to our values."

"Edyn summed up our vision of Piki atu ki te rangi, a high goal, strive for excellence," the website said.

As well as being "industrious working and achieving high", Admin played saxophone in a band at the Mit Aldner School, and was involved with its environmental council.

"Adin has always been generous in her time and has always thought of other people," the school said.

"Thank you for the time we were able to share with you, thank you for being such a wonderful person, you would give real credit to the values ​​and support that the parents and the wannau have given you, we will all miss you, rest in peace.

"Our heart whines to the family under the cloud of sorrow, to our girl Eddin, go and become a star that will shine forever for us.

"Here we are, all we can do is cry, go, go peace."

A graphic page was created to help a family with expenses.

More than $ 13,294 has been donated so far.

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