Wednesday , March 3 2021

As fast as her legs could carry him

Fast - multiple or legs?


Fast – multiple or legs?

Relaxation and legs are creatures with many legs without knowing how simple facts of identification are easy to be confused.

Milipides has a cylindrical body with two pairs of legs per section, while a centipede has a flat body with one pair of legs per section. Millipeds are slow moving while maximum are usually flexible and fast moving.

With these identification points in mind, it's easy to see that today's photo shows two centipedes found under a pot of plants in the garden.

They species introduced only one of at least 3,000 species identified in a wide world.

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Locally they are simply called a multipurpose garden. They can grow to a length of 5 cm and are very active when disturbed.

Marzipans are carnivores.

They are able to attack and capture larger prey than themselves and are able to do so as they have a strong poison equipped with claws on the part behind the head. They will take worms, larvae and a variety of insects.

Softens the size of garden species are not harmful to humans, but in New Zealand we have a much larger native species that can grow to more than 15 cm.

This species can cause painful bite.

At this point it does not seem to find the southern island to the north of the rare specimens rarely as they fall victim to predators, especially rats, before they can mature.

Young spies have an incomplete number of legs and sections.

These form through a series of moults.

Adult legs have about 14 pairs of legs.

The religious reader will notice that the top centipede in the photograph has one leg missing some damaged legs. Probably the result of a lot of struggle.

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