Monday , March 8 2021

Cricket: White ferns sink to record ODI’s losing streak after defeat to England

Frankie McKay was ousted for five. Photography / Getty

White Vance’s maternal ODI run has hit a historic low.

An eight-goal defeat to England at the Oval Waves today was the richest straight defeat of the White Ferns’ ODI – the longest losing streak in the team’s history.

The Ferns have not recently won a single day for more than two years, and never looked expected in Christchurch when they crashed into a heavy defeat against a team that did not play for 436 days, and continued on a path that provides little confidence that the side will be a force to be reckoned with at the 2022 World Cup.

While the 10 defeats came against opposition ranging from pretty good (South Africa) to defending world champions (England) to historically dominant (Australia), the white ferns barely came close to any of their losses, missing the top. Talent needed for consistent performances against the best in the world

178 Del All did not intend to cut it in the first ODI games from three against England, and the White-Sharons’ reliance on their few world-class players means that when Amy Statterwite (three), Sophie Devin (16) and Amelia Kerr (13) fail to shoot, The team almost always follows suit.

The opening international struggles of the opening Natalie David (career strike rate of 40, today eight out of 24 balls) are hardly quick to inspire, and although Kate Martin’s middle order role (14 of 35) does not always offer long stay opportunities in the fold, she did not produce a round Of more than 26 nearly four years.

However, the two players who have appeared may be the players the Ferns need most if they have enough depth to thrive in the World Cup. Hailey Jensen, surprisingly raised from her usual 8th place to open, took her chance with an impressive 53 off 58 balls, while debutant Brock Holiday marked the event with 54 balls.

Jensen also picked up a goal, but in the absolute emphasis of the difference between the two sides, it was only one of two, with Tami Beaumont (71) and Heather Knight (67) easing their side to victory with 16.2 huge rounds. To save.

Perhaps another glimmer of hope for the White Ferns was the debut of 16-year-old spinner Fran Jonas, who provided a maiden and a tight opening in both of her openings, before losing its length slightly in its second charm.

However, because they are considering a losing streak that now reaches double digits, that’s all the white ferns have – hope.

This is how the game developed:

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