Monday , April 12 2021

Edge Data Center expand into shared workspaces

Photo above: Dirk Krueger of Schneider Electric and Christie Spies "Michael Bauman

Schneider Electric has partnered with Christy Voids to provide a unique edge to the EU's latest 4.5 million 1850 square feet conference space in Brisbane.

Following the partnership Christie Spaces is now the first working environment in Australia to offer customers data in the center of a shelf space on a rental site. The family-owned work provider uses Schneider Electric's end-to-end computing technology.

Since working at the new conference center, Christie Spice has worked to expand its end-computing capabilities across Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, processing data closer to where it was created and captured.

So far, Schneider Electric has already installed UPS solutions and Crysis Space Crystals, in addition to their standings and distribution of power units.

"We are pleased that Christie Spice can now reduce operating costs and maximize physical and IT security by circumventing the need to rent colocation spaces outside their premises," says Schneider Electric Strategic Cloud and Colocation Account Providers Manager Dirk Krueger.

"These benefits are then passed on to their customers who can now leverage revolutionary co-work technology that will enable them to scale efficiently and access high speeds."

Also, Schneider Electric IT Division and Strategic Sectors Vice President Joe Craparotta determines that computing edge becomes imperative.

"More Australian businesses, such as those involved in creative production, fintech, research or software development, need to quickly access large data loads while ensuring security and cost-effective solutions," says Craparotta.

"In collaboration with Christie Spaces, we identified a strong business need to implement an end-to-end computing strategy for job sharing, starting with the installation of a 6-key data center shelf on the ground floor of Christ Development in Brisbane."

Revolution Data Technologies (DRT) is Christy's customer voicemail and one of the first to use a new edge computing offering.

"Working in research and innovation, the sheer size and speed of the data collected in our business process can also complicate the safest network infrastructure." Working with Christie Spice using the new end computing capabilities provided by Schneider Electric gave us faster, more reliable, Band, "says director of DRT Benjamin Banks.

"This supports the creation of innovative products, for example our current project, Touch Wallet – each in one wallet and cryptocurrency that allows real world payments via smartphone, without any problematic Internet delays."

Christy Vaults national brand manager Fusun Batey says the new end computing capabilities of their facilities allows their members to stop their telecom contracts and uncontended bandwidth experience.

"Christie Spice will be among Australia's first co-workers to leverage this high-demand IT infrastructure and reduce their risk profile, especially in data-supported industries," says Batty.

"We now provide data centers on the site, enabling customers to terminate their telecommunications contracts and experience unconditional bandwidth, bringing in many new markets with more sophisticated data needs, such as application developers, video production, animation, design, data analysis and more."

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