Monday , April 12 2021

Former National Assembly member Emmy Lee Ross arrives to open the Tiaho Mai building at Midmore Hospital

Jami-Lee Ross made his first public appearance since receiving treatment last month.

Ross participated in the opening of the Tiho May building at Middelmore Hospital.

He was camped as a local MP – he remained MP for botanical – and as someone who received treatment at the hospital. He accompanied his doctor at the event.

Ross said he did not want to make any comment today.

He was not sure when he would return to parliament, but said it could be December or early next year.

He sat in the front row in a message alongside national MPs Simeon Brown and Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, Health Minister David Clarke and Pacific Peoples Minister Sue William Siu.

Before announcing the new mental health unit, Clark noted Ross's presence and said: "I want to pay special respect and honor today to the member of the botanical parliament, Emmy Lee Ross, it's really good that you have here today."

Later Ross said he did not want to talk about politics at the event.

"[Middlemore] Did a great job and they are just amazing people and that is their special day.

"So I just wanted to be here to support them.

"I'm not here to talk about politics. I'm here like a local MP, but also as someone who admits everything."

In October, Ross was taken to the Middlemore Mental Health Unit for two days.

His appearance today came after a stormy few weeks for MP.

At the beginning of October, national leader Simon Bridge said Ross would be absent from Parliament for several months while addressing personal health problems.

A few weeks later, Bridgestone said that PwC's investigation into the leakage of travel expenses of the National Party concluded that the "balance of probabilities and evidence states that Ross was the one who leaked the expenses and the sender of the text message."

The next day, in the media of an hour stood on his feet, Ross launched a sharp attack on Bridges on allegations of electoral fraud – claiming that Bridges denied – Ross resigned as a national MP, but said he would remain as the local MP for Botanic .

He then continued to leak secretly to record telephone conversations between him and Bridges for communications.

Ross was taken to the mental health unit at Middelmore later that week.
He has not appeared in public since he was released on October 23.

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