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Grammus 2019: Childish Gambino won great at Grammys – and he was not even there


Kacey Musgraves won one big. Lady Gaga has won some.

But before we review the information card from the 61 annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, let's check out the attendance sheet – because it was a ceremony set by no shows and a recording academy should be embarrassed about it.

The first notable absence on Sunday night came during the performance of the song of the year, one of the most prestigious small gramophones in the group. The prize went It's America By my childhood Gambino, the renowned du-rap of entertainment and Donald Glover.

But he was not there to collect his prize.

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And he was not the only rap star to shake his indecision.

Actor / rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was among those who have probably turned down the opportunity to appear this year in the Grammy Awards.


Actor / rapper Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino was among those who have probably turned down the opportunity to appear this year in the Grammy Awards.

Although he led the package with the most nominations, Kendrick Lamar and Drake also rejected orders respectively on Sunday night – probably because they know their Grammy history. Rap remains the dominant pop of the 21st century, but OutKast is the only rap act ever won this year's album, the most prestigious of all Grammys – and it happened back in 2004.

Fifteen years later, who can blame the brightest lights of rap to get away from the microphone? "This America" ​​was the first rap tune to win the song of the year. time. (Later, he won a record of the year, as well.)

And that's just one of the big stupid problems of the late Grammy.

Another is denying women air time while broadcasting. So, this year, the Academy tried to tackle this one on the head by recruiting R & B Calm Alicia Keys to host the show. After sharing her opening monologue with a surprising team of power men – Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, de Pinkett Smith, and Michelle Obama – Case spent the rest of the night sullenly honest, trying to give that password Latex warmth.

As for the big show itself, it was bigger.

In an effort to promote inclusion, the Absorption Academy expanded its list in the night category – album, record and song of the year, and the best new artist – from five to eight.

Saint Vincent, left, and Louis Lipa make a decoration at the 61 Grammy Awards.


Saint Vincent, left, and Louis Lipa make a decoration at the 61 Grammy Awards.

It means more styles and more sounds on the vote, and more variety in the winner's circle, too.

Musgraves won this year's album for her easy psychedelic opus The Golden Hour.

Duo Lipa won the best new artist.

"This year we really grew up," said the British singer, taking her prize, taking a shot at the screening academy, Neil Fortuno, who referred to gender asymmetry at Grammy last year and asked women to "step up."

Moments later, Porno appeared on stage to appeal to the audience, saying that his eyes had been opened by the suffering of last year, and that Grammys must "ensure there is variety and inclusion in everything we do."

Sunday felt like progress.

In the state bracket, Musgraves also won the best album in the country, the best song in the country's best solo performance country. In column R & B, H.E.R. Won Best R & B Award and best album R & B. Lady Gaga won in various categories: Best Pop solo performances for "Giann", Best Pop Group / Second duo and Best song written for Visual Media for shallow, The birth of her new power A Star Is Born.

And when the Big Life B received her prize for the best rap album, she seemed almost paralyzed by respect.

As always, the performances of the performance far exceeded the speeches of Kabbalah, ranging from pleasure, to some rest, to anger at their improbability.

In the funny column: the eternal Dolly Parton, who led her show of honor, accompanied by Katie Perry and Miley Cyrus, sang so hard, as if they were trying to hurt this poor woman.

Also, Shawn Mendes makes a light Bruce Springsteen cosplay, Camilla Cabello, strout her stuff alongside a genius rap, slash-time-Grammy Young candidate Tag, Menudo graduate Ricky Martin, a Latin star trap in Alvin G So Maestro Arturo Sandoval in a broad cooperation that did not need to act, but it did happen.

A little: Gaga's expected performance shallow. She performs it as a movie star on screen, and she sings it as a rock star on her new residency in Las Vegas. On Grammy's stage she looked stiff.

And the strange blood of the night: a rap singer next door, a kennel post A rock star, A record of the year-duinated candidate with 21 Savage.

Somehow, Malone fails to mention the fact that 21 recently arrested by American Immigration and Customs Enforcement had spent a Grammy night at the Georgia detention center. Instead, he gave his T-shirt "SAVAGE 21" to speak. When he finished with A rock star He joined a hot red pepper roll on a song that only the band knew.

Fortunately, most of the evening's candidates were out of choice.

Last week, pop singer Ariana Granada pulled out the plug on her Grammy night performance, blaming veteran TV producer Ken Ehrlich for stifling her creative agency. Erlich conducted public disputes with players in Grammys in the past, including a particularly sharp drop with pop singer Justin Vernon of Boone Ivor back in 2012 after Vernon refused to play under the rules of the show.

Just last year, the Lord of New Zealand withdrew from the ceremony when she was asked to make a tribute to Tom Petty instead of her music – which in the case was nominated for some of the top honor of the night.

So with the dramatic withdrawal of Granada chewing the bandwidth on social media during the hours leading up to the big night of music, fans may have felt exhausted before the show even started.

Based on the pre-pre-broadcast of a strange web from Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, Grammy voters are tired, too. For more than three hours, the trophies were repeatedly transferred to the most familiar names in the vote.

Beck, who wanted to distribute Beyoncé to the album of the year in 2015, retained Grammy-Katnip's status, winning the best alternative album and the best non-classic album.

Quincy, A documentary about the legendary producer Quincy Jones, won the best music film, making Jens, now the Grammy winner 28, winning the Grammy winner alive. The Grammy of the most spoken word album went none other than our 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

With so many prizes in circulation – the cup count of the year has been reduced by 84 – it's hard to tell if the Grammy is closer to solving their many problems. And at one point, in the middle of the broadcasts, the Academy showed us how the best intentions still required follow-up.

State duo Dan Shi presented the prize for the best song Rap, and when they opened the envelope and found God's plan Inside, Drake actually materialized behind the scenes to get the prize.

In his speech he spoke directly with all the young musicians who were watching the house, and told them that if someone listened to their music, "You do not need it here, you've already won."

There seemed to be more in his speech, but the authorities in the control room did not care. They cut it and went to McDonald's.

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