Saturday , October 23 2021

Hakka Tourism Group on Galil


The Hakka Tourism Group is pleased to announce our recent success in the Award for Adventure Tourism, held in Queensland, Australia, on Wednesday November 14 and the Auckland Business Awards that night.

We were very proud to be presented with nationwide awards for Best New Zealand Tour Operator for Haka Tours Best Accommodation in New Zealand for Haka Lodges.

Adventure Tourism Awards recognizes the outstanding achievements of the tourist business service and backpacker service, youth and adventure sector throughout Australia and New Zealand. Taking the two awards is a testament to our commitment to customer service throughout the broad Haka Tourism Group.

With proudly New Zealand owned and operated, Haka Tours began in 2007 and operates a dedicated adventure, snowboarding, mountain biking as well as fully explored private tours. The company was created with two distinct ideas in mind: that the traditional model tour group should be re-imagined and that "size matters".

Our tours include everything you need for a stress-free trip including accommodation, transportation, breakfasts and expert tour guide, but beyond that the client has the freedom to customize their tour with a bunch of expanding activities, experiences, accommodations upgrades and add-ons to make it a single as they are.

And why size changes? Our core belief has always been that a small group makes travel experience a much better one where customers can truly immerse themselves in learning about our country and culture. Therefore we have a maximum group size of only 16 people.

With locations nationwide, Vision Haka Lodge is simple; To provide upmarketer backpacker accommodation, while cost no more than a standard hostel. Our hostels stand out from the crowd thanks to our clean, modern facilities and our cozy and comfortable rooms, with cozy beds for a night's sleep. But being upmarket does not mean that we are stuffy – all our lodges have a pleasant, relaxed and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition, Haka Tours also received the Excellence Award at the Marketing Center area at the Westpac Business Awards.

"As founder, I am proud of the positive culture that exists in the Hakka tourism group and the enthusiastic population that drives it, and our goal is to cultivate deeper ties between our Manoheiri (visitors), our country and our culture through exceptional travel experiences, and I believe our customers feel part of the Hakka Wanao." Ryan Sanders, Founder.

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