Thursday , May 19 2022

Kelly Carlton does not want anything to do with Auckland's beach development 1 news now


Kelly Trollton Aquarium says While this is flattered by a group of businesses Auckland wants it to be part of the proposed stadium in the city center, he is happy where he is.

The Auckland Waterfront Consortium wants the stadium built as part of a major development at Bledisloe Wharf, labeling it as the Sydney Opera House in the city.

The vice chairman of the consortium, Mike Sage, said that the stadium could accommodate the Maori Cultural Center, Convention Center and Kelly Carlton to be able to move to the basement.

He asks the Oakland Commission to conduct a feasibility study on the building.

In a statement, a spokesman for Kelly Tarlton said he was pleased to be considered for the proposed historic development.

"The stadium sounds like a big" opor-tuna-tee "and every fin is possible.

"Although the concept is interesting, we are swimming in a beautiful place where Kelly's legacy is accepted to New Zealand."

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