Saturday , October 16 2021

Mom shaken by $ 7000 bill online – "I thought I was going to throw up" 1 news now

One mom has been slugged with a $ 7000 internet bill from Vodafone after, apparently surpassing her monthly broadband cap.

Kerry Law lives in Kaiwaka north of Auckland, and is on a monthly rural deal with Vodafone that is capped at 120 gigabytes.

But after her family went over their internet limit on school holidays she received a warning text that her bill was a huge way. It took weeks to get answers from Vodafone.

"I thought I was going to throw up," Mrs. Loo said.

"I felt so sick throughout the entire experience."

She received a text message from Vodafone saying was "excessive use of the Internet".

"But I was not at the weekend thinking, 'Oh God.'"

She phoned Vodafone immediately, and was told by the call center that she had not bought any additional data so there would be no additional cost.

But that was not the case.

Even though her 120g, in the past, had been cut when he reached his limit, this time it was not.

"The kids usually tell me: 'Vipis out!'

"After about 11 phone calls, I got a phone call from a manager who was really rude and I was very angry with her, and she only accused me and said I bought more faxes – and I do not really see how it happened."

She is a single mother of two boys, 13 and 10, and eight-year-old girls.

She said none of them had called and confirmed more.

"I'm really sure that Vodafone said I signed up for additional Flexi data on Oct. 7, yet no one has used the Internet until October 12.

"It was terrible because I do not even have a car worth much to trade with to pay the bill, you know it was so scary.

"And you can not even talk to Vodafone because no one knows what they're doing at the call center."

However, after the barrier of RNZ contacted the company yesterday, the $ 7000 bill was deleted under the terms of the Ms bill paid for the next two months in advance charges.

"But I would rather pay $ 84 than $ 7000."

She said she would switch companies and use a local supplier.

A Vodafone spokesman said that he will now review the way he collects additional data.

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