Monday , October 3 2022

Snap Launches Certification Program for AR Stores to Design and Branded Lenses – TechCrunch


Snap has announced an affiliate program aimed at making it easier for brands to take the flag with reality – and to pay for advertising lenses by helping advertisers find qualified AR stores to design the digital product locations on their behalf.

The move follows the visual messaging platform that opens lenses, almost a year ago, to external developers – with the launch of Lens Studio AR development tools.

Snap's lenses use a combination of AR and hyper personalization as their selling strategy – by adding branded content directly to their users' faces and / or around their person. This means that advertising becomes everything, but it is inescapable (at least to the user's friends), as they get branded things, and / or injected into their personal content, where they can repeat social sharing to shoot for viral spread.

At the launch stage, Snap says that Lens Creative Creative Partner has more than 30 "authorized" registrants – with the largest number located in the US, followed by the UK, Canada and Australia. (A similar number of affiliate stores are also badged as globally.)

According to Snap, additional regions will be launched within a few weeks, and says it expects 100 + creators over the next few months.

Snap Creative Lens Affiliate Program AR Store, a social snack, with content created for Hasbro

"Today we announce the launch of a specific creative lens program for the construction of AR lenses for brands.This group of certified creators extends to large agencies and professionals who have been building fascinating and immersive AR lenses for snap," he writes in a blog post announcing the program.

"To be happy, the creators had to be experienced in developing quality AR and complete a rigorous course on the development process, creative best practices, policy ads and buy models of lenses sponsored by Snapchat."

This is not as arresting as instant cat lenses but Snap's push to expand the interest of advertisers to pay the opportunity to adorn almost users with branded content – by making it easier to find an AR shop tried and tried to do the job – likely to cause Mr Tibbles wearing a lot More virtual on his head in the future.

So expect a lot more contempt for the cat in the future.

Snap says that more than 1 out of 3 186 million active users daily play with AR lenses on the app each day, averaging three minutes each – adding up to 500 collective years of AR game daily time.

Just think how long cat cat quality people are losing.

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