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This is how Microsoft will solve the HoloLens 2 Field View field


Microsoft will almost certainly announce the long awaited V2 HoloLens V2 at the Mobile World Congress 2019 on Feb. 24, and the big question about everyone's mind will be how they solved the View Field issue that has followed the device's reputation since its launch in 2016.

The HoloLens V1 field of vision is often described as an observer in the virtual world with a letterbox slot, and Microsoft is expected to dramatically improve this in version 2.

In a lengthy conversation with the ZEISS forum at Oberkochen in December 2018, Bernard Ceres, Microsoft's optical architect / hololens partner may have given the game away.

It is revealed that the key to good speech mix reality is fast, accurate eye tracking, as shown in the chart below.

This idea is especially significant since the HoloLens V1 does not have any form of eye tracking, seemingly making it a first priority for Microsoft to solve for the next generation.

Kars goes on to explain that eye tracking significantly reduces the cost of creating a high resolution, large field of display holograms, no matter how large a virtual field of view, if it only rendered your fovea amount of calculation and rendering that needed a capped level for very manageability.

Kress does not explain which eye tracking system Microsoft will use. The industry standard is small, eye-catching cameras, but Microsoft has patented exotic ideas such as measuring the direction your student is addressing based on your corneal capacitance field, and other approaches, so you still see what Microsoft will surprise us with.

The conversation also reveals more details, so Microsoft sees HoloLens as an enterprise tool only, and does not expect to enter the consumer market (and it will probably leave it to Apple), and that Microsoft expects to make their money renting cloud processing to companies rather than the hardware itself.

The 90 minute talk can be seen embedded below:

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