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Toyota Unveils Amazing Carbon Fiber TRD Kit for Next Gen – Super – News


It was only a matter of time, really.

The upcoming Toyota GR Supra is designed to have the go to be a portable playground for world tuning. It was a topic we touched last weekend, and like a clock, Toyota's TRD Performance Division has reciprocated by unveiling a new carbon kit for the fifth jin sport coupé.

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As can be seen, the main theme of the evaluation is carbon fiber.

The lighter material, with all its full bareness, is used to create a much more aggressive body kit. The front splits wider, and continues to sweep its ribs – doubling itself as a wind curtain for the front wheels.

On the side slope, larger side skirts have similar euro-like benefits to the whirlpool around the rear wheels. In addition, there is a new slant of carbon fiber under each door; Perhaps to try to call viewers from afar, since it looks almost like huge air intake (especially when paired with a contrasting color like yellow).

Finally there is a rear carbon fiber rear flap dispenser; They are larger and more brazen than most of the cars on which they were designed, like the Porsche Cayman.

Along with any aero or weight benefits, the kit is said to reduce the height of each round trip. Rear rear is particularly low, with a 24 mm drop.

A member of the speed bumps this car certainly did not.

The second TRD plugin that has been announced is a new set of spiffy 19-inch aluminum forged wheels. The multi-talk handsets help reduce rolling resistance, providing a more threatening street presence.

Most of these little changes will be familiar to Super Anorex. A lot of them are simply picked up by the Toyota Performance Line Concept. That they unveiled in February at the Chicago Auto Show. The parts themselves today are exclusive to Japan … but, do not expect this to be the case.

Last week the supermarket writer of Supra, something we did not talk about is how the ins and outs – the holes of the engine boom bay, the space underneath and behind the front wings for additional cooling and plumbing, rear assembly points – would actually make it easy for Toyota Gazoo racing themselves to flip version Faster than the factory.

Hmm. Maybe this is the plan …

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