Monday , October 25 2021

Trim levels do not trim new car prices ::


– With a new car, the price is usually mind top, but the features are often very important too. But sometimes these features can make another car reasonably priced out of reach for many consumers.

Safety cameras, a solar system and an upgraded radio system can cost any addition, and such features are included in cutting levels, in which car manufacturers use different versions of the same model.

Over the last 15 years, trim levels have doubled on some models. The Ford F-150 pickup truck, for example, has a base price of about $ 28,000, but with the highest level of cutting, it sells for more than $ 61,000. Also, the Subaru Forester sells for about $ 23,000, but it can cost up to $ 26,000 to $ 36,000, depending on the trim level.

Some automakers offer specific features on certain trim levels, which can leave buyers like Kevin Doyle with a tough choice.

"I had to buy something I did not want to get anything I did," Doyle said.

In the end, experts recommend focusing on safety features must be rather than trim levels, even if it costs more.

Test results and tests released by Consumer Reports also show major features at each trim level and the best to choose from.

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