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A complete review of the Danube Fredrensburg deals


The property and the Urban Renewal Agency (Eby) in the municipality of Oslo sent a letter to Fordsburg and asked for information related to the purchase of eleven concrete rental properties in Oslo in the last 12 years, mentioned DN DN documentary Boligkuppet.

"We were treated as buyers and sellers of the properties we are aware of now and asked them to be sent to us for review," says Eskil Bertin, chairman of the firm.

In a letter to Feldsburg it was written: "Based on EBY information now it seems that the above assets are covered by the law."

The law on municipal pre-emption right, also known as Leiegårdsloven, gives tenants and the municipality the right to buy rented premises at the time of sale.

In the letter, Avi Fredensburg wants to send information about the tenants soon. Avi in ​​Oslo suspects that Ivar Tollefsen and the real estate company in Fransburg violated the law on municipal restitution rights in a number of real estate transactions.

Letter received

In a documentary, DN described how Fredensborg and Ivar Tollefsen purchased additional rental properties in Oslo without registering them for municipal restraining rights.

A review of the DN showed that homes for rent on Christie Street, Sannergata, Dælenenggata, Sven Bruns Gate, Urtegata, Queen Astrid Gate, Gunnar Schjelderups and Ammerudveien Road were never declared for pre-municipal sale when they were sold in Fordsburg. Thus, the municipality of Oslo and hundreds of tenants have lost the opportunity to buy the lease yard in advance. These deals are now under the supervision of the Municipality of Oslo.

"We confirmed the receipt of the letter to my father, and soon we will have a dialogue with the agency to clarify the various aspects of the matter," writes Anders Tabter, Ayurvedic's personal aide.

– In the case of buying and selling companies with income-producing properties, we unfortunately forgot to report the deal to the Oslo municipality. These errors will look at how we can fix, but it is unfair to claim that it was done consciously, writes Tveter.

Large entries in the game

Ten of the 11 tenants currently under investigation in the recent annual report of the Norwegian holding company Heimstaden Bostad spend about 10 – value: 1.25 billion NOK.What Fredensburg paid for these 11 tenants, however, is unknown, as purchases occurred because of Fredsburg bought shares in companies The property is owned by the tenants, because the sale is through joint stock shares, there is no transfer, and no information is registered in the land registry, since the farm is still owned by the same company.

Ivar Tollefsen, with his son Nick Tulpsen on his left, owns through the company in Fordsburg 4000 apartments for rent in Oslo.

Ivar Tollefsen, with his son Nick Tulpsen on his left, owns through the company in Fordsburg 4000 apartments for rent in Oslo.
(Photo: Michaela Berg)

Fredensburg has to present his cards and register for a contract of purchase: under the municipal injunction law it is stated that "transfer and other conditions, including a copy of all contracts related to the transfer," must be submitted in connection with a preliminary case.

– The preliminary municipal rights will be realized at the market price, ie, we had no economic advantage in the absence of prior notice. Some of the cases DN occupies fall beyond our judgment outside the law. We have initiated a process against my father to find out which purchases are subject to notice, so the notice can be submitted if necessary, writes Tveter.

The rice behind the mirror

My father does not have an overview of the towns that were sold in Oslo at any time, according to themselves. And my father also does not control whether reports are actually reported.

"The law is pretty clear about who is responsible for reporting the transfer of property for rent, but we are completely dependent on the buyer or seller reporting to us on the transfer." There is no control over whether the sales are reported, the responsibility is regulated by the seller and the buyer, The managers.

If this sale had to be reported no, the pre-rective right will not be lost.

– The deadline of four months for making a decision on the benefit in advance will expire only from the date on which a full notice was received at the municipality. The fact that the right pre-ceases can be considered as an incentive for the seller / buyer to actually report the sale when the yielding property is sold, he says.

"So you have no other sanctions?"

– No, the law does not contain sanctions, it is not part of the criminal law. Previously, we did not have many signs that the system was not working, "says Bråten.

"We have to deal with the law, and although there are no sanction options, we have to rely only on the fact that professional property players, as a rule, are aware of the obligation to report to the municipality and that they are following them. It's not monitored, he says.

Dark figures?

DN asked for an overview of all rented homes that have been registered for real estate agency and urban renewal for the pre-urban purchase.In the years 2000 to 2017, 584 rented places were reported in Oslo.But there are some purchases on behalf of the tenants.At the same time serves as a right of the facilitator 19 times.

"But how much rental property sales was actually reported during this period, is there a great dusk?

"We still have no indication that the transfers of tenants do not report to the municipality of Oslo as the law indicates that the buyer / seller must." We do not overlook the fact that there may be more unlisted assets that need to be reported,

"The list is quite long and you now come up with unregistered assets so far we have not known," says Bråten.

What are you doing now to make sure it's not a big deal?

– As the city council recently approved the change of provisions, Eby has been instructed to follow, among other things, consider the need for changes in the real estate act of rent.We will do this in a dialogue, inter alia, the Leieboerforeningen before the municipality of Oslo proposes changes to the Ministry of Local Government modernization, Says Bråten.

The firm is responsible for submitting proposals to amend legislation.

"In this work it will be natural for us now to consider whether there is a duty to report transfers, or if the Oslo municipality finds it necessary to provide inputs to the ministry regarding compliance with this point in the law," he says.

2.5 years later

In the documentary DN "Bolighaien" it became clear that in September this year, after DN contacted the seller, suddenly announced the acquisition of a rented property in Teisenveien to the municipality of Oslo. It happened 2.5 years after the acquisition occurred. In a letter to my father, he wrote that "unfortunately they forgot" to report.

"When we get a message that he is so old, it takes a lot of effort to find the ones who lived there, we found the vast majority, five of them emigrated," says my father, Hannah Sabit, the department head.

Abie called a meeting of residents next Wednesday, November 21.

My father also reported on Bolligbig and all the districts in Oslo. In the original purchase contract from October 2015, the property is valued at NOK 125 million. But if the municipality or residents decide to buy the rental yard on pre-purchase, what price they have to pay? It is clearly the unplanned land.

Residential scandal

Here you will find articles of DN on the Boligbygg scandal from October to today.

Read all about it

– The question you ask, as far as my father is aware, was not raised in the Oslo District Court. We are not aware that this question has also been raised before other courts. The law and the preparation thereof do not constitute an appropriate problem in these relations, and therefore it is difficult to give a clear answer to the question. Avi assumes that if such a case should happen, it would be subject to legal care, where both the purchase price and the valuation date were key issues, "said Eby Bck Escil Bråten.

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