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An unpleasant car does not need to go up on a shirt


It is starting to be a few years since all vehicle manufacturers need at least one coupé edition with two doors, a roof slug and some extra strain line under the hood.

The most popular models are gone, but with German premium brands, POS stands.

Mercedes is a good example. They still have a good stack of coupé versions in choosing their model. Among them: C-Class POS.

Mercedes has made this version for many years. The design has not always been suitable to give him a lot of passion, but in today's edition has turned over a lot.

Now it really has become a car line, with a lot of nice and difficult design elements.

Today C-Class returned on the market in 2014. Now it has a facelift, even on the POS edition.

What's new?

Car manufacturers are often very good at chattering their facelift and all that happened to cars in this regard. The C class has approximately 6,500 new and improved parts. New steering and assistance systems come from the S-Class flagship. It has new LED lights with 84 individually adjustable diodes. The lucky dashboard is in place, and the C-Class is the only car in this class available with the air suspension.

A test car is called the C200. That is, there is a 1.5 liter gasoline engine with what is called a lightweight hybrid system under the hood. We're talking 184 horsepower from the engine, plus 16 extra from the hybrid system. It sounds pretty modest in such a car …

Practically speaking, it's a matter of careful changes, but something else was not necessary. C Coupe is a beautiful car, of course, it is further chopped with AMG packages both inside and outside. It also looks expensive and unique.

New leather: it will be the cheapest

The POS edition of the C-Class was not always impressed with the nice design, which is suitable for this generation.

What are the strengths and weaknesses here?

It has been interesting to follow the design development of Mercedes in recent years. This applies to the interior and exterior. After a long period of time, when Mercedes thought that a star at the front of the traditional brand was enough to keep competitors away, much happened.

The cars have been added to a much larger factor, especially on the face. Today's E-Class was a little upheaval when it came. C-class also seems complete and exclusive. Here you get the feeling of first-class driving, which is supported by noise reduction and comfort.

One of the many amazing details inside.

During the inspection period, it is not difficult to see that the car also arises outside. "It was a stylish Mercedes, but it costs a million, or?" Asked a guy coming out at the gas station.

The answer is that it simply should not be done if you stay on the skin. But as usual on the German premium: one can also spend a lot of money on nice accessories!

Driving is not exactly as true as the BMW 4 Series (Arkivell, along with the Audi A5), but it feels quite simple and the bottom is tightened. The driving position is almost perfect, with very good front seats. 4Matic four wheel drive is of course worth the gold in the winter. However, the engine can clearly have more power to support the sporting character of the rest of the car.

It's been several years since we first tested self-driven technology of Mercedes, then in class E. It's noticed that they refined it later. In this car, it is more obvious, including less of a small steering wheel and a device that can feel a bit complicated at first.

The space in the back seat is only for an adult of 1.80 meters. Something special about this, especially the ceiling height is what sets limits.

This happens when the self-propelled car thinks you're falling asleep

Falling the roof line gives less space in the backseat, but it should also be on the coupe!

What does it cost?

C class starts today at 470,000 kronor, and then we are talking. The coupé edition will bring you from 507,000 kronor. Automatic gear is standard, you want four wheel, everything starts at 560,000. It just does not deter a car like that.

However, the car test is much more expensive. After a long list of extras, we ended up NOK 834,715. But then you'll get a very well-equipped car.

Top 5: Norway's cheapest with 4×4

Who are the competitors?

BMW 4 Series and Audi A5 are mentioned, these are probably competing for many of those customers. Volkswagen Artown has four doors and is an outsider in this company. Another outsider comes from Toyota called GT86. As you can see, there are no cars in this class.

Finished interior with a lot of fine detail, here, Mercedes really took over in recent years.

Will the neighbor be impressed?

The C-Class Coupe has many features that make turning around for the car. Because this C-class is surprisingly appropriate. Mercedes hit here.

The neighborhood will hardly believe what you paid for it

Sweeper believes:

If you expect a sports car, there is one thing that pulls down: that is the engine. 1.5 liters is enough, but does not produce excess excess. 8.4 seconds at 0-100 km / h are also not times we will impress in 2018. There are a number of large family cars and SUVs that are faster than this.

The AMG package helps to embody the front.

A mild hybrid solution is designed primarily to save fuel. Driving style usually has a lot to say about what you end up in practice, but you hardly ever about diesel. The official average consumption is 0.67 liters.

The next engine option is the C300. So you get a 2 liter petrol engine of 258 horsepower. It is significantly faster and makes 0-100 km / h of 6 seconds empty. The price difference is just a few thousand flaps, but you do not get it with a 4 wheel drive. So you have to choose what is most important.

Apart from this, C-Class POS is a very nice introduction. Here, Mercedes delivers the goods at one level and should expect (but not always have) them. The car is stylish, inside and out. The interior has a qualitative feel, while it is packed with two important safety equipment and things that are "nice to have".

The fence is perhaps the most obscure part of this design, at least when you see the car right behind.

What does the owner mean?


Model: C200 4Matic
Engine: 1.5 liter gasoline + moderate hybrid solution
Power: 184 + 16 hp / 280 hp + 160 Nm 0-100
Km / h: 8.4 seconds Maximum speed: 234 km / h
Consumption: 0.67 liters / ml
Length / Width / Height: 4.68 – 1.81 – 1.40 m
Weight: 1.585 kg
The trunk: 380 liters
Price: NOK 834,715

We have many ratings of C-Class inside the broom car's guide, where owners tell about their experiences. One of them is also on the new C-Class POS, click here to read more:

Did you know this:

– The first C-Class was actually a sequel to now after all the legendary Mercedes 190. The debut was in 1993.

"Until 1997, the C-Class was actually the smallest Mercedes car.In the same year, the class came for the first time on the market.

"Today's C-Class was the first car on the new car platform called the MRA. Among other things, it was sure that the weight dropped by about 100 kg compared to the previous one.

It was how nice you could be driven inside

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