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Big Brother is still weird after wasting chances – VG


(Sandfjord – Strange 0-0) Sandfjord have never beaten Aud at home in the Elitesrain. After a loss of chances by the home team, the statistics are still no less cruel.


It was an obvious ambition of Flamur Kastrati to use their ability at attacking on the flanks. It was one of the few chances in the first half.

– It’s a bad game to watch. We do not create chances and the field game is bad. We need to be more accurate, so I think it will be good, said Christopher Norman Hansen disappointed after the first half.

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The two teams have met 17 times in the elite series, but only two of them have been won by Sandfjord – neither of them at home. After a break, it seems that for a long time it can be overturned.

Diver Vega in a duel with brothers John and Joshua Kitulano.

Diver Vega played his second game at Sandford and was the team’s best.

– For me it was a very good game. These are the small details. We control the game, but we need to be a little more patient. I feel better in every game I play. We have a good team, and we know we can climb higher on the table, Costa Rica said after the game.

He was very close to scoring on several occasions in the second half. Only after returning to his corner, there he fired and could see the ball rolling between the legs of all the defenders. Here, the last stronghold of Leopold Wohlstadt was awake. Shortly afterwards, Vega got the chance again, but the ball bounced a few yards over the crossbar.

Aspen Road missed the previous game against Molde due to injury. Today he is back from the beginning.

But the home team’s advantage eventually calmed down with some tremendous tremendous chances at the end of the game. It only took a few minutes for substitute Milan Jabatovic to deliver a pulse as he passed Vidar Ari Johnson and fired at Jacob Sturvik. Shortly afterwards, Storevik burned again, when Loritzen was forced to finish nearby.

I think we should be happy. I am subjective, but we had the greatest chances and we were the closest. We had good rounds from the substitutes too, it shows the width we have, Odd coach Jan Jan Froda Norness said after the game.

– We are happy with the away game we provide, but we lack sharpness in front of goal when we get these opportunities. It was an insane match, Aspen Road said after the game. He lost the previous game against Molde due to injury.

However, Odd is still the point ahead of Sandfjord.

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