Monday , October 3 2022

Both the substitute and the captain stood above Norway's practice


See Cyprus Norway TV 2 and TV 2 Sumo Monday from 20:00 (beginning of game 20.45)

Norway meets Cyprus on Monday in the vast League League game, and two games shorten the team.

The excitement on the spearhead is great, as is the struggle of Bjorn Mars and Hansen and the Trick Allionce fight, and especially the former seems to have a problem fighting.

The goalkeeper from the Slovenian team smashed the plane from Ljubljana to Larnaca, and as part of Sunday's training in Cyprus, which was open to the press, the attacker collided with the team's gym shoes and team members.

"Bjorn March runs a few meters, but this ankle does not work out.If he plays tomorrow, I'm very surprised.We have end options that are 100 percent healthy, and Lagerbäck has no interest in using Bjørn small scale Mars from the beginning," says the expert of TV 2.

Landscape director Lars Lagerbeck responded with humor when asked about March's injury at Sunday's press conference.

"It's hard to say, the odds are 70-70, he smiled, and went on:

– is a question mark. He certainly will not learn today. But he improved, said the National Boss.

Johansen was also over – get reasons to pick it from the start
Stefan Johansen did not behave as usual. The pair did not participate in warming with the rest of the team, and when the other players entered simple square exercises
The duo stood alone and looked at sneakers.

Johansen's absence for training was of the unexpected battle, but the TV expert 2 believes that the national team should not be elected on Monday.

"Johansen does not have much time to play in the recent period, and it was easy to watch on Friday.Why is it over today's exercise I do not know, but I see a few reasons
Because he will be elected tomorrow. Then this is probably the doll for Ødegaard, unless Lagerbäck chooses to push Henriksen to the edge to match the Berge and Selnæs
Centrally, says Mathisen.

Johansen himself explains the lack of training in a hip problem, which has also hit him recently

"I had a bit of a last match, and I wore two to three weeks with some feeling in my thigh, it was not any better after the game," said the team at the Sunday press conference.

Tarik Elyounousi, who has been replaced for Slovenia recently injured, training as usual.

– It 's not worse. I really feel pretty good. It helps to reach a few days, says AIK tip at the same press conference.

We had a nice flight and slept. So it was a nice exercise in the sun, so it looked good.

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