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Drama on the tallit: The dream of Cup final cup for


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Erndal Fog – Halden 26-27

Haldens Kristoffer Henriksen became the winner in the game with the last goal with a few seconds remaining at that time.

– I could not think. It was just to shoot, said Henriksen TV 2.

It's surreal. But we had faith in it, he added.

Brawl loved Arfal took a management recipe with 9-6 after quarter, but when Jan Thomas Lauritzen took a break and sent Truls Eric Grøtta to Josip Vidovic changed the direction of the game.

Haldane turned and led with two goals to break. Hans Kortt-Hansen could have scored three goals after reaching first place, but Landrer Youth André Bergsholm Kristensen saved the ball far from home.

Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar Ar and?

Red Card

In addition, teams follow each other closely. Christopher Henriksen gave the Hilden a small opening for 23-21 with less than ten minutes, but in the attack after Rasmus Moulard Leillet got his third trimter and the next red card.

The home team hit back when Sondra Paulsan settled 25-25 from penalty with just under three minutes left.

Drama on the prayer shawl

But in the end he cooked. With 15 minutes played, the score was 26-26. Haldane took a break and was about to let Henriksen shoot. Henriksen put the ball in the corner, and Andre Lindvo shot the Arndall siege with ten seconds.

The former Elverum player will probably regret signing out when he can play on the team and spend the last seconds on what they were worth.

"I think I've been thinking for a very short time, and I think I have to finish it," Lindbo said.

"You play for some of the fatest in Norway, it's also crazy and annoying.It does not have to be that way, he continued.

Men of Marinko Kurtwitz do not get the chance to repeat the 2014 victory.

The second trophy team will be the winner of the semi-finals of Wednesday between Elverum and the new Beckkkelaget Nordstrand Arena.

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