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Frank Løke threatens to come "we should dance" Sophie

Saturday Dagbladet can report that Frank Løke (38) – unlike all other participants – refused to participate in the final "We should dance" next weekend.

Television 2 thus violates the annual tradition, but justifies the choice that Lokke "deliberately break the production guidelines and thus broke the basis for further cooperation."

Unlike Dagbladet, the 38-year-old explained yesterday that "the channel itself should be allowed to decide who is inviting the party," and apparently finished the case.

Who knows Løke knows, however, that the last famous word, rarely remains the last.

Going to attack

In a longer post on Instagram it turns out that Løke has many chickens to choose with the channel. A former soccer player refers to an article on the above-mentioned news on television, not, and criticizes, among other things, the way in which the final deal is dealt with.

"It's nice that TV 2 tells me through their Web sites that I was not invited to the final party, that I made the right final number," writes Luca.

Moreover, the 38-year-old sees his tendency to attack the channel's viewing data – and of course not only means "dancing".

"In addition, I'll tell you that" danced "," Skavlan "and" Senkveld ", with Helen and Sebastian did not achieve the greatest success, but you can know a" ladder "with 253,000 viewers. "We need to dance?" With 481,000 viewers away from the 600,000 pain limit, keeping in mind that "Stjernekamp" is being done and it usually becomes more and more spectators towards the end.And the "new" "Senkveld" does not hit the numbers that Thomas and Herald did.

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The case continues below:

– Do not believe everything

Unlike Dagbladet, Luca explained that he was planning plans for next weekend. Recording of Christmas songs will be, but research time may be arranged around the potential final visit to Nydalen in Oslo – where it is very undesirable.

"In any case, you can appear at the last party because you do not believe everything in the media, especially on television," he writes.

When Dagbladet Sunday morning, Løke stands in front of oThe said expense.

"As long as they do not turn to me personally and say they do not want me to come, I can come to the party. Everyone knows that Løken is fond of a party.

This is how TV 2 responds

January Petter Dahl, PR and Media Director for Television 2, explains that they look forward to the final. With the knowledge of a potential meeting from Løke, he stresses that the party is only invited guests.

A peek into the problem: It was this well known stunts that marked the beginning of the end of Frank Løkes 'We Dance' an adventure. Photo: TV 2
Root of the problem: It was known stunts which marked the beginning of the end of Frank Løkes 'We Dance' an adventure. Photo: TV 2
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"We expect to make a fantastic final appearance next Saturday, and a nice ending party for all those involved," he says to Dugbladet.

– How to solve it almost if Løke should appear?

"It's unusual to come to a party you did not invite, and if he does, we'll probably find out there.

"Løke responded that you did not contact him and personally informed him about the finals, should you do that?

"We finished our cooperation with him a few weeks ago," Dahl said.

The first interview: Frank Løke is home again after the "We Should Dance" scandal. See his first interview here. Reporter: Lynn Christine Maratinosen. Video: Andreas Fadum / Dagbladet
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Standing between two

It was after a holistic assessment that the channel decided to throw Frank Løke out.

A former football player was especially dressed on the fly without prior notice of production or other donors.

Shortly thereafter, Lueke went hard against the decision of the TV 2, claiming, among other things, that the channel encouraged him to throw his clothes on television. This TV has 2 repeatedly denied.

After Martin Lunda was forced to leave the competition yesterday, Einar Nilsson, together with her partner Annette Stokke, and Jan Gunnar Solly, together with Lund's dance partner, will fight triumphantly at the dance competition on Saturday.

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