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Google breaks with Huawei – Huawei phones lose access to Google services


Google and Huawei have been working closely for a long time, highlighting a number of mobile launches over the past few years, with the words "working closely with Google."

Huawei was also the company behind Google phone very good, Nexus 6P, almost four years ago; The first Nexus phone that has a full pot on Dinside's dice.

Now, however, the relationship ended abruptly. This is tragic news for everyone with Huawei phone.

On the "black list"

Over the past year, there is a lot of debate around Huawei, since Chinese companies are required to cooperate with their governments at work and investigation, following the amendment of legislation in 2017.

This means that many countries are now skeptical about the use of Huawei equipment for the development of the 5G network, fearing spyware. Huawei has all the guilty way innocently, among other things, Norway proposed so-called "agreement without spies", that is, an agreement in which Huawei signs that they will never send information to the authorities – Chinese or other.

But to NRK, the Police Security Service (PST) says it is not enough.

Earlier this week, Huawei ended up on the "black office" of the US Department of Commerce, which in practice means a ban on US exports to Huawei without the specific authorization of the White House, which is probably related to both commercial espionage and warfare between the two giants.

Google closes the doors

The ban applies to hardware and software, and according to Reuters, Google has now blocked its services for Huawei and has released its Android license – following the invitation from the US government.

In practice, this means that the upcoming Huawei models (and examples of subsidiary Honor, for example) will arrive without Google services, including things like Play Store (App Store), Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play Services and so on.

But, it is also bad news for those who already own Huawei phone.

Because when the Google door is closed, this means that phones will no longer receive updates through Android or other Google services. The apps will not disappear from your phone, it says, but future updates will be rare.

Huawei is so referred to by Google's AOSP (Android open source project), that is, part of Android with open source, but does not contain the services of Google itself. And without Google's software, it may be perceived to be very poor for consumers around the world.

What does Huawei do now?

Huawei has been overwhelmed by this as the "worst case scenario" and has already reported more than a year ago that they are working on their mobile operating system in case they lose access to Android.

This was something they would rather not take, since there are probably a lot of grooves behind Android, which after all has been speckled for over ten years.

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