Wednesday , September 28 2022

Large burns in wooden houses on Storhaug


Only after 8 am, police reported the development of smoke at the house in Storhaug. The fire service resigned on 08.08 and reported that they had control over the fire a few hours later. It was at 08.56.

At first it was the biggest smoke to see from the outside of the red wooden building, but when the fire began to remove tiles, flames rose from the ceiling. Most of the damage is the side of the salt roof that faces Federsagata.

Fire and smoke damage

On the other side there is a slight impact on the white apartment building, which is almost adjacent, and has a joint entrance with the red office building.

– There is great fire and smoke damage to the ceiling and ceiling. Down in the building is the most water damage after fire extinguisher, says deputy head Rune Tønnessen in Rogaland Fire Rescue IKS.

He says there is a burned hole through the roof structure, and the flames are open both in the attic and in the ceiling. The red office building, where it broke out, has a common entrance with a white brick building with several apartments.

"We were also building a white neighbor, but there was no damage there, says Tønnessen.

Security and results

There were people in the office building when the fire broke out, but Tonensen had no general view of where they were. But they were all evacuated quickly. The fire service will be in place and continue with a six-hour detention.

– We do not leave the house until everything is cold. Although the fire is off, it can still be worn under construction, so we always carry locked security, "says Tønnessen.

The building has three floors and a basement / cellar.

"We received a notice about the development of smoke in this building and the emergency services came out, which is a building made up of offices, and we quickly checked that there were no people in the building," said deputy police chief Renar Hagen.

Aftenblad journalist Kjetil Flygind lives in a white neighbor building where there are several apartments. He says that the fire alarm did not start until 8:00 just before it was detonated quickly. It was only after eight o'clock that the alarm went off. This time it was about to leave the building.

– It burned well from the roof of the neighboring building. The firefighters were quickly on the spot and eventually took over. Now they drive and remove roof tiles to inspect the building closer, "explains Flugind.

It will be at 08.58 to be in control of the fire, according to the fire department.

There is still a lot of smoke in the area. Ventilation in neighboring buildings and hotels is closed, and ongoing evacuation of these buildings takes place.

"It's too early to say anything about the cause of the fire," says Hagan, the police chief.

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