Friday , August 19 2022

Lots of rain in eastern Norway this weekend


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Risk warnings were sent on a yellow level in the following days in the south and east of Norway: heavy precipitation, warning warning avalanches.

It is expected to 80-120 mm in 48 hours, and most of the rain will come west of the Oslo Fjord.

"As we see now, Ander, Telemark and the areas west of the Oslo Fjord will peak on Saturday, the upper part will move to eastern Norway on Sunday," said meteorologist Lars Andreas Salberg.

Plenty of precipitation, but not extreme

The provinces are expected to be high in Oslo, Akershus, Buskerud, Telemark, Oppland and Agder districts. In addition, there is a risk of flooding and landslides in Telemark and parts of eastern Norway.

Yellow danger level is the lowest of the three levels of danger, so the weather is not considered the most.

"No one can experience it as extreme, there will only be a lot of sediment steadily throughout the weekend, and the danger comes later when the ground is saturated with rain and can not remove the water anymore," says Selberg.


For people in the Oslo area there will be more on Sunday than on Saturday, but there will be plenty of precipitation each weekend with up to 100 mm rain in 48 hours.

"In the Oslo area it seems that you can get up to 40 mm of rainfall 24 hours on a Saturday, and one can reach 60 mm during the sun.

Selberg stresses that there may be large local differences in the rain, since it is difficult to place rain in an area.

"It will probably be completely different. Some local areas can get very little, while others may get very heavy rainfall.

On Monday

Selberg says there is nothing to indicate that the level of danger will be adjusted to orange or red, but it is still advisable to stay informed throughout the weekend.

It is expected that the danger will be over Monday.

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