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MOBILE , RETAIL Now the paper invoice should be removed for good


Most Norwegians hate to use paper invoices. Now Wipes thinks they can get rid of him for good.

London (Nettavisen Økonomi): – This is something we should definitely do in Norway some time ago. Invoice Paper The child number is something consumers do not want. They agree very much, says Ron Garborg, head of Pipes, Lantavizen.

Now he has the plan ready to do something about it.

Garborg Co. hopes to hope for a big step towards removing the paper invoice with Hate Kid Numbers.

Can take

He notes that all the solutions are already in place to send paper invoices on the history of scrapbooks.

– Any company that wants to now can remove the paper invoice. I think that when you see how easy it is to get rid of it, I think more and more people will do it, says Garburg.

Companies can offer Vipps directly through the app. Alternatively, customers can now scan and pay the paper invoice digitally.

– I think paper invoices will be very unpopular very soon. This is something that is a high burden for customers and requires a lot of work for companies to send, says Garborg.

In fact, he thinks that such a bill could be a long way in three years.

– A lot will happen then. We aim to take as many paper invoices this year as the past ten years together. That's only 30 million out of 140 million invoices this year, he says.

Want to go to grocery stores

But the invoice is not the only one that Vipps will change during the year.

During 2019, it will be possible to pay with Vipps in 40 percent of all physical stores in Norway, at least if Garburg gets what he wants.

"This is a high ambition, but we are optimistic." We believe retail trade wants it, considering that it does not cost them more than they pay today, says Ron Garborg to Nettavisen Economics.

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The Big Three

Vipps already offers payment at 3000 online stores, but as of today there are no grocery stores or other physical stores except for some trial projects, which offer Vipps payment. In a short time it will probably change.

– We do not yet have agreements in place, but we are in many conversations, says Garborg.

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He does not hide it to succeed, they must bring with them the three major grocery groups, CAM 1000, Kop and Norgesgruppen (who stand behind Kiwi, Menu, Spar and Joker), as well as kiosks owned by them, like Narvesen.

"That's where the big volumes are, says Garburg.

Without success

Payment through mobile physical stores has not yet worked in any Western country. In Norway, Ramla made 1000 attempts in 2017 with rival Vanss Vipps rival Mobilepay, with no significant success. All Mobilepay is now closed in Norway.

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Vipps boss believes in Vipps' combination of simplicity, low price and good loyalty programs and the program can get the three giants on the team.

He believes in particular that the Vipps can offer something extra for the loyalty programs of groups, Trump (Norgesgruppen), ((Rema 1000) and friend member.

When using Vipps, one will be able to use and gain an overview of loyalty program. You can, for example, see how much you have at the expense of Trump and also make it easy to withdraw money, says Garborg.

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