Friday , June 18 2021

Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis dies – VG

Olympia Dukakis is best known for the Oscar-winning film “Moonstruck”. The picture is from 2019. Photo: Dave Kotinski / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

The actor “Moonstruck” passed away at the age of 89.


It reports Variety on Saturday night.

Olympia Dukakis is best known for her supporting role in the Oscar-winning film “Moonstruck” and her role as the rich widow in the film “Steel Magnolias”.

She died at the age of 89.

Her brother, Apollo Dukakis, confirmed the death in a Facebook post.

“My beloved sister, Olympia Dukakis, passed away this morning in New York City. After several months of ill health, she is finally at peace and with her Louis,” he wrote.

Her husband, Louis, passed away in 2018, according to TMZ.

Dukakis was 56 when she won the coveted Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in the 1987 film “Monstructor” – a film that also escaped with the victory for Best Picture and Best Screenplay during the Oscars.

Dukakis was also known for her roles in films such as “Away from Her” (2006) and “Steel Magnolia” (1989).

She has been nominated for an Oscar three times. The first for the “Lucky Day” film from 1991, the second time for the more famous films of the city “Armistead Maupin” in 1998 and the third time in 1999 for the mini-series “Joan of a Rainbow”, according to Variety.

She was recently seen as Anna Madrigal in the 2019 TV series “City Stories”.

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