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– Other criminals can tell who is standing behind


LILESTRØM (Dagbladet): Police confirmed Monday afternoon that there was a new conspiracy with alleged kidnappers in the disappearance case. The new message came on a new communications platform, said police inspector Tommy Brøske.

– It gives hope that the matter can be solved, says the former researcher the author and author, Juren Lier Horst, to Dagbladet.

Both police and attorney Svein Holden received the message, but no one received any sign of life from Anne-Elizabeth Hagen (68).

The message that Tommy Brusca mentions on Monday is the third of the hijackers.

Horst believes that the new relationship between the two sides lived in the hypothesis that Anne-Elizabeth Hagen was indeed abducted.

- Can stay sport: Juren Lair Horst notes that the methods of proving that the police are asking can leave electronic routes. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB Scanpix
– Can remain TRACK: Jörn Lier Horst notes that the methods of proving the life requested by the police can leave electronic traces. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB Scanpix
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– Afraid to be tracked

During the press conference, the police asked for a phone call, letters, pictures, video or sound as a sign of life.

"It's strange that you did not get any sign of life. These forms of life proof that the police wishes to be able to leave electronic traces. It seems that those who sent a new message are still afraid to be monitored. This can affect the choice of platform, says Horst.

"What do you think the police are especially asking for?"

– It's understandable that they want to make sure she lives before they advise the family about anything.

He notes that there is no guarantee that it is the same sender. Private investigator Finn Abrahamsen has previously stated to Dagbladet that it is not unusual for other criminals to "hang onto".

It's money to get here. It started with a message at home. If the message is in the same format, there is reason to believe it could be the same sender, says Horst.

Journalists: Police Inspector Tommy Brusca held a press conference on the new contact on Monday. Photo: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladt
Press Conference: Police Inspector Tommy Brusca held a press conference on the new contact on Monday. Photo: Christian Roth Christensen / Dagbladt
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The abundance

A former police investigator suspects that the new communications platform is not fully optimized. This confirms the assistance of attorney Svein Holden at a separate press conference where he stated that the new contact is only one-way communication, unable to respond.

– If you do not have good communication, promise abundance will be appreciated. Other criminals can tell who is standing behind. It can be rumored around and others can look on average to make money from it, says Horst.

He notes that in such cases, especially with time, other criminals may have acquired information about who can stand behind.

– The fact that it draws in time makes the special case. I would think that those who might be behind would be making money quickly. It seems that the other side is not making any progress, says Horst.

Assistant attorney Sueen Holden said at a press conference that the police have come up with clear advice not to enter into negotiations until they know that Hagen has lived and received proof in life. This family advice will follow.

According to Holden, those behind the new announcement described that they wanted to send a life certificate.

104 days

Anne Elizabeth Hagen disappeared 104 days ago, October 31 last year. For many days, the police have been intensively hunting for what they believe is an operation or people who kidnapped the 68-year-old.

The police still have no answer as to where the billionaire Tom Hagen's wife (68) is, whether she lives or what happened.

The police secretly investigated the case until January 9. Then it became known that the police needed tips to continue the investigation.

The investigation was kept secret because of serious threats to the woman's life and health. The first contact with the "opposite side" came before the police took the case publicly.

A ransom claim for about 90 million NOK was presented in the form of a Monero crypto coin during a kidnapping.

Except for October: Anne-Elizabeth Hagen has been absent from her house in Lorenskog since October. Photo: Lars Eibind Bones / Dagbladet
Far from October: Anne-Elizabeth Hagen has been missing from her home in Lorenskog since October. Photo: Lars Eibind Bones / Dagbladet
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More "Messages"

On January 16, Anne-Elizabeth Hagen's family received a new message from the kidnappers in the case.

Then the family lawyer Sueen Holden came out with the information at a press conference eight days later. The Eastern District Police, which is investigating the case, has received a number of advice on possible hiding places where 68-year-olds can be located.

The police had previously told Degladstadt that they had visited addresses in Norway and examined them from the case. Last week Police Superintendent Tommy Bruska told Degladt, that possible hiding places abroad were also examined.

– I can confirm that we followed hiding places, even outside the borders of Norway. But to go into more details about it, I will not do. Not how we checked it or where we checked it, Brøske said.

People wanted

On Thursday January 10, the police showed surveillance pictures from the Futurum building where the husband has her place of work.

The photographs show three people moving outside the building on October 31, the day Hagen disappeared. The first clip is from 07.36 and shows a man walking on the road outside the fence, then turns around and comes back.

24 minutes later, Adam arrives again. The person passed by a cyclist.

The police called these people, but only the cyclist signed. The person was examined from the case.

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