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Remy (20) takes a break with body pressure. Now the competition is rising to a controversial model.


The case is updated.

Rami Berland (20) studies special education in Bergen and works in the garden, but in the past two weeks he has had the competition for the Solar Grid, Baron or Blade model.

"I myself was the insecure guy, two months to three months ago, I was never comfortable viewing my body like that.

The competition, which is completed annually since 2010, seeks the front characters of the network and the winner is voted by the people.

The glow of life

Berland signed in order to focus his attention on the body pressure in society, and really hit bravely: Tuesday he held several thousand votes in front of the rest of the participants.

It was the Ogsund paper that mentioned it.

Objective: Rami Berland (20) wants to deal with a healthier body image. Now he leads the model competition of Baron and Blade. Photo: Screenshot

"No wonder former winners did not look like me, but it was a brilliant picture of the perfect summer body," he says.

"Today, children and adolescents are bombarded with posters and profiles of an intagram with half-naked, thin, well-trained people, and this is not the world, we have to deal with a healthy and normal body image, and I hope to contribute to it.

– A healthier body image

And Berland knows what he's talking about. Only six months ago, he was 20 shekels (120 pounds). Then he held on, and this summer he did two marathons and a half.

– Health should always go ahead of sight. We need a wider range of role models. Not only in the warmth and delicate journeys, but in the entire advertising and model industry, he says.

Health: Six to seven months ago, Rami Berland (20) weighed 120 kg. "I realized that I had to do something and started to train. But that's not the weight that counts Photo: Orian Diaz

"I'm not the first one who is trying to draw attention to this, many before, especially women, have taken this fight before, but change does not happen overnight, and I think it's equally important that men also deal with the struggle against body pressure.

Commented on the criticism

Thorbjørn Frantzen, CEO of Brown and Jr., stresses that if Remy has the people in his back all the way he can definitely go up in. He is still declared above criticism.

"We always criticize that only the" perfect "bodies forever, but here it is proof that it does not matter, in this competition the people decide, not us, he says.

He points out that the only criterion for participants is that they must be over the age of 18.

– There were no model competitions that did not raise height, weight and civil status. That's how they opened up to a greater variety, he says.

"Be Affected": The 20-year-old McLup hopes his participation in the competition can shed light on being proud of what you are, no matter what you look like. Photo: Orian Diaz

– Make curls

The solar entrepreneur says he agrees with 80-90 percent of what Berland says.

– But there are two things I do not like. I think he can do it for pleasure or make curls. The second is that it may rob others – which actually have a dream to be model but not suitable in other competitions – the possibility of it. And that worries me, "he says.

– Does Bruno have a role in the fight against body pressure among young people?

"Everyone should try to avoid pressure on the body, and we believe we do it with open competition." At the same time, we sell a service where clothes will go and so our models are dressed lightly, "says Frantzen.

NORWAY FIGUR FIGUR: Baron og Blid has organized the model competition for eight years. On Tuesday, Rami Berland (20) led several thousand votes. Photo: Screenshot

"You also criticized the lack of diversity among the models you use, and are you actively working to change that?

"We used all the fags on our models – black and white, although they did not win the competition, and we used all the sex, or there were only two species, but we used both men and women," he says.

– One-sided advertising

Baron and Bleed were nominated for the Gold Barbie of the Year – the actors' prize that creates pressure among children and teenagers.

The prize was awarded by Peres, Red Barna's youth organization, who explained the appointment of the solar chain to one-sided advertising in public spaces, with light and similar models.

Mina Vinnig, press director "Save the Children". Photo:

"It's important that great players such as Bruno and Leid are aware of the impact they have on arranging a competition where your body is set against each other and points to the" best "body, says press director Mina Wing.

"By laughing at bodywinner, you indirectly tell that other bodies are" wrong. "It's cool that someone buys the competition to put the spotlight on stress, but we think competition in the first place is very problematic.

Hetset online

The solar network has more than 6 million visitors a year, about 130 solar centers. Berland is aware that his stunts can give more PR to the network.

"I hope it does not mean that people are left with a desire to take more sun, but we can create a conscious relationship with body pressure," he says.

– What comments did you get?

"People are mostly positive and hate me, but I also get hateful comments from people who say I have to die." One day, someone asked me how I can be happy when I look like Big Mac, "said 20.

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