Monday , June 27 2022

Samsung Mobile Patents With Three Monitors


What does a mobile phone look like in three years? There can be someone who knows exactly, but everything that speaks on the screen is getting bigger space. Just around the corner, we have folding mobiles like Mate Huawei X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, and it also has a patented multi-screen mobile phone.

Or "an electronic device having a large number of display and method for controlling the same", as the patent is called.

Image: Samsung

It shows a mobile phone with three screens in total: front, back and one side.

As far as it can work smoothly, we do not know, but with the right materials the production process should not be anything to avoid a model where it seems that the screen almost encloses the entire laptop.

Nice picture

Image: Samsung

Initially, however, Samsung has focused on how a screen from both sides can, for example, help with photography, or use direct translation from speech to writing.

However, the above Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold can also be used in this way as long as there is support for such operating systems and applications.

But as these mobiles are over 20,000 kronor, it is possible that Samsung with this patent is designed to create a less expensive model with similar functionality. I hope it also take less space in your pocket than a foldable version.

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Source: (TechRadar)

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