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"Should we dance?" Martin burst out yesterday when the company appeared

Trostin Samarten: Martin Lunda and his girlfriend Fredrik Brunberg.
Trostin Samarten: Martin Lunda and his girlfriend Fredrik Brunberg. Photo: Fred Hansen


Martin Lunda (22) could not keep his tears when her boyfriend Alexander Strastel (22) appeared suddenly after her first dance.

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It appeared in a heavy package that the programmers presented to Martin. When she saw who it was, she grabbed her hands in front of her face and kissed "Sir!" Before tears came from her eyes.

"You should know that it has been a long time since the two saw each other, and it is clear that the review is long awaited." Now everyone is crying soon, the program leader called Anders Hoff.

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The tears ran when Alexander Strastel (22) smoked from "Should we dance?"

Tonight, the remaining three semifinalists, Jan Gunnar Solly (37), Einar Nilsson (54) and Martin Lunda (22), out of two dances each decide who will go to the next big end of Saturday.

Martin Lunda has been troubled by painful bowel inflammation last week, but VG promises to give it all.

"It gets better with my leg, and I have laser treatment that helped, I still have pain in the foot when I dance, but now I'll just forget it and do everything on the parquet in the semifinals," Lunda says.

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After the "we have to dance" – Exit: – Track roller coaster of emotion

A lot indicates that this will be a very smooth evening. After twelve days of dancing, Einar Nilsson – who could be the oldest – would ever dance the finals – and Martin Lunda scored 384 points, while Jan Gunnar Solly – who won four consecutive games – was only two points behind.

Jan Gunnar Solly and dance partner Rika Lund set out on Saturday with their Paso glove.

– You own the entire number! You take the floor and provide a very strong and strong paso, I was moved by Judge Merete Lingjærde.

The pair redeemed three exhaustions and one level – 37 points.

Martin Lunda Bellevue and Frederick Brunberg threw themselves slowly. A push, the judges believed.

"You show that you deserve to stand where you stand," said Judge Egor Filipenko.

Then Martin was surprised by a large package that contained her boyfriend Alexander Sæterstøl who left the competition earlier this fall. Unnamed: So it broke out completely for Martin who did not see her boyfriend in a few weeks!

There were 36 points for Martin and Frederic.

Always, always gentle, Einar Nilsson and Ant Stokke danced in impressive moves, we must believe the judges.

"You're a real entertainer, I enjoy it very much, so I almost forget to look at your legs, but it does not matter," said Tora Patterson.

The judges declared 100 percent entry to Bergen in a total of 36 points.

VG follows semi-finals in this case!

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