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Sigurd Solein – so he disappeared from the screen

In the 2000s it was almost impossible to operate a television without the Oslo man, Sigurd Solein, staring at you. The 52-year-old has been looking at multiple productions over the years, having started his career "Smørøyet" in 1999.

Since then he has been watching NRK, TVNorge and TV 2 with a number of different concepts. Among other things, the "Golden Axis" was awarded the "Silge & Sigurd" program, which in 2004 was nominated for the best male screenplay.

Popular: Sigurd Sollien was looking at many channels in the 2000s. Here he shares a prize with Victoria Wing and Mary Midtstigen under HitAwards in 2001. Photo: NTB scanpix
Popular: Sigurd Solein looked at many channels in the 2000s. Here he shares a prize with Victoria Wing and Mary Midtstigen under HitAwards in 2001. Photo: NTB scanpix
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At the end of the 2000s, he was also seen as the "taste of Norway" and "upgraded", and a few years ago "Superopusserne." In recent years, however, there is little to look at on the energetic guy on the screen. He never sank into the ground, and still works in the entertainment industry.

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On the other hand, television assignments are behind him-at least for now.

I think everything has time. I find it very tasty because now I have to sell programs no more because I was always afraid of what VG and Dagbladet are going to write. What did they really have? I can not say I miss the time on the screen, says Solein to Dagbladet.

Club in the heart: Marit Bjørgen and Sigurd Sollien awarded prizes to those with the majority of votes in the "Club in my Heart" competition. Video: Tobias Ballstad / Dagbladet
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It was Viplay's premiere risk "Wisting" that suddenly appeared in Sollien. He is a rare person to look at in red runs, but could see that he enjoyed an evening in the city with former colleagues.

– I can not grow in Kjelsås either, so now I'm a bit of air. I seldom on premiere parties, and I'm here alone, but I find a lot of former colleagues and friends to chat with, he said.

Good-bye: Sigurd Solein and his wife, grandfather Waldgriel. Here was filmed under
Going well: Sigurd Solein and his wife suffered from Waldgreal. Here was filmed under "We Should Dance" in 2008. Photo: NTB scanpix
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He lives today in the same area where he grew up, along with his wife, grandfather Waldgriel, and their two children. He and his wife met each other for the first time in 2002, and got married in 2007. Sollien has previously stated that a damp evening at the Stravinsky Nightclub has become the basis for what is today big marriages.

– It's very good for today, he says, adding that Easter is celebrated on a family trip in Stockholm with his wife and children.

- AIR ME: Sigurd Sollien is a rare guy looking at red runs, but appeared when
– Air: Sigurd Solin is a rare guy to watch Red Runner, but appeared when "Wisting" an earlier appearance this year. Photo: Andreas Padoum / See and Hør
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A familiar voice

If you are too young to see Solly on the screen or do not feel his face, at least you have probably heard his voice countless times over the years. He called several movies and commercials on television and radio.

In 2014, he was known as the yellow plastic man of Djuice commercials, among others. It also happens that his voice is familiar, he previously stated Se and Hør.

– Yes, at school people cheat. I make some children's televisions and some movies. Then they wonder if I'm the one who has that voice. It's a fairly familiar voice. A journalist once mentioned my voice as "breaking west." So I do not know. It could be, he said in 2014.

He did not add the voice career behind him. At the debut, he told Degladstadt that he was present with several projects a day, including "Matpodden" along with Bård Greni.

– This, as you probably understand, is a podcast about food. It will be Norway's largest mattress in the future, he giggles, and continues:

"Well, what else do I do with today?" Well, I write a little. At the same time I work P4 and take care of the family. It's enough to drive to this day, say it that way, but it's really fun and worth it, sums up the 52-year-old gentleman.

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