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Smalenenes Avis – You should know this if you are going to curl up in the tax lists


The first tax slip on the Blader Ringerikes will be published shortly after the tax search opens at 07.00 on Wednesday.

In Tax Administration you are applying here, but the service closes now and will open only on Wednesday morning.

It should be borne in mind that tax rates do not show real wages or market value of wealth, but net income (ordinary income) after deductions, but before special deductions and net assets (taxable assets) and taxes taxes.

Note that numbers are not necessarily final. For example, the numbers can be changed, inter alia, as a result of a complaint about the determination.

New rules gossip about you like sneakers

A drawback in many tax lists is the new search rules Storting introduced in 2014. All searches are registered and you can check who submitted you.

Once you have entered to apply for tax records on, your name, year of birth, postal code, and postal address will be visible to all those you have applied for.

You must be 16 years to apply for tax lists.

The list of who searched for and watched your information is updated once per hour. You can view tax list information for up to 500 people in a calendar month. There is a difference between searches and impressions.

When you search for a person, you'll get a list of people who match your search information.

Only when you click on a person to view the tax information, it is counted as a view, writes

If you click on a name but will not get anything, you've used 500 impressions. You can still search, but do not display tax information. The 1st of the new month will reset the number of views. When you have 50 or fewer views, the message will be displayed on the screen.

As the tab below shows, this is the "Search Stats" tab that gives those you're searching for insights you're looking for now.

We sneak less than before

Tax authorities have previously reported a decline in the disclosure of wealth and income information to others.

"The number of searches is reduced to a tenth, the number of candidates is almost halved and people are no longer eager to check who looked at their tax rates," said Mariken Holter, director of communications, before being published in 2016.

Long tax search

Since 2011, Stocking has determined that online newspapers can no longer offer tax returns. However, it is still allowed journalistic based on searches in lists.

The goal is, among other things, to avoid commercial use of the information. You will still find tax lists in previous years in online newspapers and so on, as long as the media does not remove the information itself. The quality of these lists will inevitably be worse.

Who is on the tax lists?

The tax lists contain information about people and non-personal taxpayers who have received the tax settlement. "Impressionist taxpayers" means limited companies etc., writes

It is not possible to protect themselves from standing on the tax lists. This applies to the two tax lists published on the and the tax lists distributed to the press.

List of taxes for personal taxpayers Does not contain:

  • Information about people with blocked addresses (provided in accordance with the Public Registration Law)
  • Information about people where the information contained may indicate customer relationships
  • Information on people aged 17 years or less at the beginning of the year of income for people without permanent residence over the deceased

Changing the information of the city taxpayers

Previously people are taxed in one city hall listing in the tax lists, while this year there will be more municipalities on certain people. This is because a person could tax other municipalities in the year of income.

Taxpayers will contain which municipalities are taxable this year, without an arrangement between these municipalities necessarily indicate the tax system.

Taxpayers are on for one year from advertising in connection with the tax arrangement. The list is usually updated four times a year.

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