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Such was Johaw's comeback day; one reaction seemed like a victory

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Beitostolen: When Teresa Johan pulled the curtains from the hotel window, she saw the mist of the sea surrounding the ski resort of Beitostolen.

958 days after joining her last ski run, the NM race she won here at Homestolen on April 2, 2016, she finally returned after seeing the doping verdict of 18 months.

Yohug chuckled. She had so many questions that were not answered two and a half years later.

"Can I get me out?"

"Can I be chopped?"

Msgstr "Do I have the correct spelling length?".

"Do I have laws for unlimited areas?"

Yogaug missed the last question, she received a yellow card after taking a double share in the betting area.

But she managed to get out, she found the right rod length and she snatched it.

Here are greetings from Johann M. Bieberg: "I am very happy in her name

Can be rotated

However, this was the answer to a more important issue that was a 10-mile inventory to win the opening season:

"It was fun to go skiing again, I was not sure about it, I think it's polite, does it give me something to go skiing again, the answer I got today: I thought it was fun, I could walk around, I was thinking about the last ground, .This makes a good feeling, said Johaug very relieved after the much comeback we discussed at Beitostølen.

She returned to the ski track again. She was back in sports, she had to leave within a few seasons: as a winner.

Johaug was 23 seconds faster than the Inglide member of the Flugstad Østberg Crash, a classic 10 km.It could hold a victory in the World Cup race.

Johaug with a demonstration of strength in a comeback

Tears and hugs

When the victory was a fact, the tears came. So greetings came from trainers, lubricants, family, friends, the rest of the national team's support system. And no less than Merritt Bjurgen, who had adopted his former team mate after Hughes, maneuvered through all the interviews behind the target area.

It was the warm hugs of the day at the ski resort in Beitostølen.

"It was a very angry Johan who started, but I managed to get into the bubble, than the 30-year-old.

She talked about the tension, the nervousness, the uncertainty and the excitement about the comeback.

That she had to spend too much time in the morning. Because everything was so unfamiliar.

Northug disc at the opening of the season: – It was exclusive

World Cup disc risks

That she had to look into it because she was right when she came to the stadium. Yohag was absolutely certain that everything had gone when she finally came back.

The surfer knew, of course, that there were no betting areas after she had gone to her last competition.

Johog craved a little in the first round and took a double kick in the free zone and got a yellow card. If it happened again, it would be flooded. She will carry the yellow card on the World Cup and risk the disc if it happens in Kosamo at the end of the week.

But it was good at Beitostølen. Johawg won. Now it's a national comeback over. At the end of the week, the international comeback remains in Finland.

– Does it feel like starting your career today?

Yes really. Alternatively, it will be possible to take it. But there were two special years. To be allowed to come here and get a start number on the chest …

Was present mentally

The voice broke several times when she spoke to the press. She was very touching.

"What distinguishes good and bad surfers is if you are mentally present and focused on the work that needs to be done … I am very happy to start here at Beitostølen and get away from the rivers here before I will be in the World Cup next weekend.

– What did you think then to give you down in the target area?

– There were quite a few sentiments. I did not know I had won. Ingville did not reach the target and she was only 15 seconds behind me. I felt it was a dream come true. When I received the verdict I received, and when I received the two years, I dreamed of winning the first ski race I had invested in.

– How emotional is this for you?

"It's very powerful to be able to come here and win the surfer again, the last time I went running was here two and a half years ago, and then I won.It's great to be able to head the mattress again today.

Yohag spoke of the warmth she had experienced from people around her for the past two years. The heat are famous and unknown.

"I think it's touching that all the Norwegian people, family, friends and society worry about me so much that they look so much in my name that they want me to win again.

Yohug returns. On the glass of wine. It can be a long winter for the competition.

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