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"TACO", "BADBOY" and "STYLE". See Norwegian car signs traveling around.


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Since it was allowed with a personal car license in the summer of 2017, the reaction of eager car owners did not wait for them.

In total, more than 24,000 applications were streamed with different character combinations. By the first day more than 8,500 applications had arrived.

The increase was so great that the website of the Norwegian public administration ways collapsed.

In the table at the bottom of the case you will find a great overview of the various car signs the Norwegians travel with.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has now invited the Directorate of Public Roads to facilitate the personal characteristics of other vehicles as well.

– For example, it can be separated on motorcycles and trailers. Here are some technical and legal considerations to be taken.

That means Heidi Evra. She is head of the Ministry of Automobile Approval and Registration in the Norwegian Public Administration Roads.

– The Norwegian public administration ways to work on it now, and we assume that it will be in place until the end of 2019, says Secretary of State Tommy Skjervold in the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

There are only twice-life men driving and are more pleasant in motion than women

Can be used in Sweden and Denmark

Previously, it was legal to only use the signs in Norway, but last year the signs were also valid in Denmark and Sweden.

– We have happiness from Sweden and Denmark that there are no obstacles in their regulations against the acceptance of personal Norwegian characteristics. Therefore there is no need to include the original property while driving in these countries, says Secretary of State.

No work has yet been initiated or planned to open driving with personal car signs in other countries.

– We are considering whether we should give a task to look at it, notes Skjervold.

If you want to drive a vehicle in countries other than Norway, Denmark and Sweden, you must remember to bring your original signs.

How much you earn can determine how you run, showing your stats.

Norwegians have invested tens of millions of marks

Norwegian public administration roads earned millions on the willingness of Norwegians to receive signs of personal vehicles.

During the first year, the Norwegians paid about NOK 50 million. In 2018, the income was much lower at around 17.5 million NOK.

The interest rate was by far the largest in the first half of the year. This is not surprising, thinks Evra.

– was expected that the pressure will be greatest at first. Now we get an average of between 300 and 400 requests per month, she says.

This irritates most Norwegians in traffic, according to a recent survey

Want more signs

Torbjørn Aamodt is perhaps one of those most paid for obtaining the signs he wants. Together with his wife he has five signs:

The five marks were £ 45,000, but they do not regret it.

– We can afford it. We think it's fun, even if others say yes lame and Unnecessary. You're a bit different in the crowd, he says, adding:

– I do not want just one sign for ten years. I want to be able to change my time and mood. It takes five minutes to re-register for another sign, then just change the car. Although personal car signs are not a very necessary product, it gives many pleasure. That's enough for me.

But really it does not hold with four signs, an enthusiastic vehicle license admits.

He specifically has two new signs he wants: 2BB1, which is his nickname, and IDE EL, a word game for the ideal electric car.

– But I have to think about it. Four signs hold up, he says.

Are you angry or kind behind the wheel? The car label can reveal you, showing recent statistics.

See what the Norwegians are driving with

Of all the applications submitted, only 6860 signs were granted and paid by the applicant. Of these, 6168 are distributed, but only 5362 are used on the roads.

– There may be many different reasons why the sign is not being used on the road yet. It's hard to give a general answer to what, Evar says.

On the vehicle's personal license plate, the sign must be at least two and a maximum of seven characters, including spaces.

The most common combinations are first name, last name and nickname. But among these we also find signs such as FLUEHUE, 2HOT4U, AQUAVIT and BIBER.

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