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The Ingebrigtsen has probably already achieved a world record


GRAY MESSAGE: For Jakob Ingebrigtsen, simple is often the best. Photo: Yong, Heiko / NTB scanpix

Father Gyert promised a world record by Jacob Ingebrigtsen (18) in Düsseldorf on 20 February. Now it turns out that the record is probably already in the hands of rogalend.

The IAAF International Athletics Association informs VG that the record that Gjert Ingebrigtsen thought was applicable to the U20 at 1500 meters, was not approved.

– I can confirm that the record was not confirmed because there was no drug use on the day of the competition, writes John Mulkeen at IAAF to VG.

We are talking about Samuel Teferas 3.36.05 set in January. That was the time his father was talking about when he said, after the race of Jacob Ingbrighten, that there were 16 words from the world record.

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– We expect that Jakob's 3,36,21 will be approved world record at home, says Secretary Kjetil Hildeskur at the Norwegian Athletic Association in VG.

Recently, after spending one month in South Africa, the 18-year-old rocked the crowd at the sports park of Baroum during the Nordic game on Sunday.

– I also realized that Tafra's time was not happy. Now we are in the process of filling out the necessary documents to get the record approved, says Childskore.

– If you are going to get a record certificate, you must be tested on the day of the competition. We even took the initiative that Antidoping Norway came and tested.

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It was not only about Jacob Ingebrigtsen, but also Caroline Bjerkeli Grøvdal of the Norwegian 3000-meter record junior record for European champion U18 Pål Haugen Lillefosse at stake.

What could have happened to Tippera?

– It may be troublesome if you do not have doped controls available. We had an agreement to call Antidoping Norway if necessary.

As the record of the tafra was not confirmed, Ingebrigtsen beat the old record of Ali in Los Mansur. This is 30 years old.

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On Monday night, the time of Ingebrigtsen has been on the IAAF record list – along with the old record. But the time of Norwegian has not yet been confirmed.

In any case, Jacob Ingebrigtsen will run in Düsseldorf on February 20, and the first weekend in March he will be the indoor European Championship in Glasgow.

– I at least run 1500 meters, so we see what it will be with 3000 meters, the hero said to VG Sunday.

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