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The stars shine "X-Men" and the "avengers" creator


Holder: Both Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans and Scarlett G. and Hanson are living the late Stan Lee on social media. Here they are
Holder: Both Jeremy Renner, Chris Evans and Scarlett G. and Hanson are living the late Stan Lee on social media. Here they are "avenging" from 2011. Photo: Zada ​​Rosenthal / Walt Disney Company


Cartoons Stan Lee died on Monday. Now he welcomes by the stars who played several characters and is a girl.

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Author and editor Stan Lee became 95 years old and managed to create a huge number of superheroes in Marvel. times Hollywood Reporter He was known to come with personality heroes in addition to their super powers. He wrote both, was AD and edited most of the Marvel comics and stripes.

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He stands behind superheroes, Black Panther, Iron Man and X-Men, and co-producer of several of the films that gave them life on canvas. Like director Alfred Hitch Cook, he also had some so-called "kamos", or a small gourmet, in films about the characters he created. Night to Tuesday Norwegian, praised the wealth of stars, fans and colleagues the legend that passed away.

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Chris Hemsworth, Who plays the show in some Marvell franchise films, were among those who expressed their sadness:

"Rest in peace, my friend, thank you for the amazing adventures that your stories have taken on all of us … My love and support goes to all your friends and your family, #stanlee #legende," he writes on Instagram.

Ryan Reynolds, who starred in two films "Deadpool," wrote on Twitter:

"Dad … rest in peace, Stan, thank you for everything

According to Hollywood Wrote Scarlett Johansson, who played the Black Widow in several films:

"The galaxy has only a new dog star, thank you every day for being a small part of Stan's universe, a legendary vision and a true artist.

She also shared a picture of two on Twitter.

Hugh G. Kamen, known as Wolverine in a number of films from the Marvel Universe, also shared a picture of himself and the series producer on Instagram and Twitter, and wrote:

"We lost an amazing creative genius … Stan Lee had a groundbreaking force without stimulation … I'm proud to be a small part of his words, and … to help give one of his characters to life"

Chris Pratt, who plays the lead role in The Galaxy Guards, writes in Instagram:

"Thank you for everything, Stan Lee, for life, so alive, I consider myself very fortunate to meet you and also to play in the world you created»

Captain America, Chris Evans, shares on Twitter:

"He will never be a new Stan Lee, he has given adventure, realism, comfort, self-esteem, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy to young people and old people for decades.

Jeremy Renner, known as Hawkeye, has also featured me:

"Rest in peace, you are a legend, my friend!"

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