Thursday , May 13 2021

Throws the plans for a new "Titanfall" due to "fairy tales"

( This is an update to the "fairy tales" that Respawn Entertainment emphasizes the use of resources in the studio, and therefore also the situation for "Titnapol".

Where they write that they have dropped plans for a third game in the series "Titnapol" to put full pressure on "Legends of Apex".

At the same time, they reassure players that it is not the same team working on "Star Wars C: The Order Fell" and that the game therefore plays the game that affects the development of "fairy tales" – and they have no plans to retrieve resources from the department that works with the game "Star Wars".

Moreover, Drew McCoy from Respawn Entertainment writes that they are aware that they have a lot of work ahead of them, but that they are ready for the challenge and look forward to building "fairy tales" at their full potential.

As you know, "Apax Legends" has been in the "Titanpole" universe and has become a huge success after being launched on February 4 without warning.

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