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Tore André Flo joked about "taking a sun cut": – Why not?


FLEIPET on the runner-up: Tore André Flo, here from the battle a lot about the battle between Norway and Brazil, 20 years after the appearance of the World Cup, last summer. Photo: Braastad, Odon / NTB scanpix

Former striker Leslie says that everyone in Norway is proud of Solskjær, because he can not understand that Solskjær No Getting paid permanently – and joked that he could do like his countryman.


– In a similar situation, why not? Flocked when he was a guest at Sky Sports Studios on Sunday night, in Sins, which was tagged by a London football site.

The way forward is probably just over right now for Flo, and the Norwegian is not on the list of favorite odds to take over if the manager Lesi Mauricio Sari was fired.

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But Flo knocked the goals of Chelsea in the late 90s, and like Solskjær, was the coach of the old club after he set up. Now he has the responsibility to "manage with the loan department" in Lesi, which VG explained six months ago.

It's about a year and a year. But I enjoy it, and I continue in this role of Cisse wanting me to do something else, said Torre André Flo then VG.

It was during the break of the game between Manchester City and Chelsea, when Chelsea had already been under four goals because the question of coaching in the old club was necessarily on the court.

The dark blue from London has heavily worn after New Year, and the situation actually begins to remind us of the last days of Mourinho in Manchester United.

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Director Maurizio Sari admitted after a 6-0 loss to Atihad that he was concerned about the future and realized that his position was being considered.

In turn, Flo did not ignore the success of his country at Manchester United.

– He did so well. I do not realize he did not get the permanent job, pointed to the tip.

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And when he set up in 2012, Flo discovered a dream of self-training at the very top level.

– I want to train the best, then said high end.

Some eager Twitter users have already started to link Solskjaer and Flo, but the latter was most concerned about the former praise.

– Everyone in Norway is so proud of what Saul Gunnar is doing right now. It was an amazing start for him, Flo said during a break between Manchester City and Chelsea.

VG is all about preparing table flo …

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