Thursday , May 19 2022

Two players have won over two million Lotto


The case is updated.

A man from Steing was the first to cheering for the cheer of the evening.

Norsk Tipping tried to contact the man before sending, but failed. Thus, the machine was Ambella who had to pick up or down.

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You had to take fresh air

The exact reward for lucky stinkjerbyggen was 2 143 000 kronor. When Norsk Tipping turned to the man after sending, he was clearly out.

God! Is it a lot of money? Approximately 2.1 million Yes. He fluttered. Now you have to get out and have fresh air, "he said on the phone from the South Holiday.

And something can indicate that there are lucky genes in the family. The man who wants to be anonymous can tell that his brother won a million and a half million years ago.

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A woman from Trondheim received seven

16 others shared the first prize pot in a fixed lottery bag, but it was only seven rows with seven straight. One of the shelves was delivered to Andlesbank, and the first prize of 2 257 030 caron was shared by ten people. Six other lines were given by people from different parts of the country. One lucky woman was a Trondheim woman.

"We'll celebrate a little tonight and then we'll see what happens, but it's an event that changes life," the woman said to Norsk Tipping.

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