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– Well, self-propelled cars come


Soon it's the car that drives you – not the other way around.

Self-propelled technology has been a long way in today's cars.

Volvo is one of the leading brands of cars. Earlier this fall, they showed us a very ambitious idea. Ie the Volvo 360c. A very interesting study on how they are looking for the future of passenger transport.

The car is completely autonomous, or self-driving, an electric car without a human driver. The concept occupies the freedom of design that occurs when you remove the steering wheel and the combustion engine and do not have to put the passengers on two or three seats.

Lex Kremers has been one of Volvo's senior executives for many years and is now Senior Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa. Karsmakers recently visited Norway. We took the opportunity to know more about what he was thinking about developments over the next few years.

One of Lex Kerssaker's many tasks is to prepare us for what comes, because we have a lot of new things to do.

Yes, it comes!

His job is to predict how technology will evolve what Volvo will do to withstand it.

We had an exclusive meeting and we had no chance to leave. Among other things, ask about the new and exciting concept car from Volvo, 360c. Whether it becomes reality or is it just a flying dream.

– it's coming. I can say that with great certainty. Maybe not exactly in this design, but it's also not so important. But technology, application and the way we use technology – it comes. And that's what's important here and not how the car looks, "says Carsmakers.

"The industry will change over the next few years, and Volvo will be among the leaders in this development." Autonomous driving allows us to take the next step with confidence: Volvo is a vehicle brand that puts people in the center, emphasizing our customers' daily lives and safety – and how we can help improve The situation, he explains.

Volvo head: – Diesel engines will disappear

Definitely do

But when he does not want to say anything about it. But it suggests that it may not take more than 10 to 15 years. The development is fast.

– Absolutely, but we must take it step by step. The most important thing is to do it right, safe and secure.

"There are too many people killed in the movement, about 1.2 million people every year, most of the accidents are due to human failure, and we want to do something about it in Volvo." Extensive studies and studies show that cars will decline, he explains sharply.

But without pain altogether, it is difficult to walk. You must, as you know, crush some eggs to make omelettes. That's a little too.

"Yes, and it's bad for the press coverage if an accident happens with a self-propelled car, everything goes well, and that's great, but as many as 1.2 million people lose their lives every year in cars that do not operate on their own.

Cars should tell others about slippery roads

Maybe these are the self-powered cars we take first, as slow.

– Driving is never inspiring

– However, I understand the skepticism and this is unusual. Again, we need to take this step by step and evaluate carefully along the way. But we get it, I'm not in a moment of doubt, it will gradually gradually and where easy to handle first. Let me give an example:

"The few think it's particularly fun to stand as an eternity on the freeway, as you often get in and out of major cities at peak hours.It may take hours, and we know that many prefer working, watching a movie, reading a book, Just relax and maybe take a nap?

"In this case, the failure of the driving line will not be a strong argument either.In any case, I rarely experience driving or driving like inspiration, he laughs.

"I think the transition will go when you get used to thinking, it can be like going from listening to the radio to watching television," explains Kerssemakers.

But in the long run, Volvo thinks it's going to take all the way. They look at it as a potential competitor for air travel over shorter distances. Sleep when you get into the car and wake up refreshed when you are on the move.

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Maybe cars can change flights in a few years? Volvo believes that.

The breaking point

The fact that it is now more common to book a car through the net without having to go to the dealer will probably also do something about the future marketer structure. Also the fact that electric cars have much lower maintenance than fossil cars,

Around these things, not surprisingly, the Karasmaks made some thought.

"It's true that electric cars have much lower maintenance requirements than fossil cars, but the phasing-in of electric cars will take time.We sold record cars in recent years and we will continue to sell fossil cars in the future.Although the fact that our cars are among those with the longest life , There will be almost nothing big around the retail structure, in any case, six to seven years to come, he believes.

A controversial concept of the Volvo 360c.

"We also see that not everyone is ripe to order a car and online services yet … Many still want to see and wear before buying.But I think we are in the phase of collapse because new patterns of trade and new services will emerge.For example, we had an excellent success on the Internet when we launched The second generation XC90.It has been several years ago.Those experiences are important.They will continue with us to continue the development and market fit.

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The future will be different

"Another interesting thing for us is the city of Volvo.In short, we offer a comprehensive vehicle package, subscription, which includes all the vehicle team from funding, maintenance and change to another car when needed etc. Simply car holding from A to Z.

"It's also exciting and something that we have a great faith in the future.It's still an experiment and an error for us, it's worth bringing with us the user experience to further develop this concept.

"One thing is certain: the ownership and use of the car in the future will not be as they were until now, Volvo's future man

It also stated: "We are struggling to get enough diesel cars

Head of Volvo: – Diesel engines will disappear, Volvo's future will look like this
Now two Volvo rollers pushed myself in Gothenburg

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