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"We're going to dance": – Einar Nilsson went to the head of "danced"


Niedalen (see and listen): Another season of "we have to dance" is at the end of the road and on Saturday evening Einar Nilsson (54) and Jan Gunnar Solly (37) finished in Niedelen, Oslo.

After the votes were made, everything was decided. Einar and Annette remained the winners of "Dance" 2018.

The mood was felt and felt as the two men entered the parquet for the last time, and together with their dance partners, Annette Stokke (30) and Rika Lund (22), they passed both performances.

Winnings: TV 2 Profile and "Time to Home" Programmer Einar Nilsson (54) is the winner of this year's "We Dance" together with partner Annette Stokke dancing (30). Photo: TV 2
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Uniek: Einar and Annette are described at one of the night performances. Photo: TV 2
Winners: Einar and Annette staged one of the plays of the night. Photo: TV 2
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"We can get the champagne now, ask the fresh" We should dance "winner when Dagbladet finally drops in the victory box on the parquet after sending.

"When I admitted that, I did not think I could withstand the pressure, but eventually I realized that I had too much fun with her here, says the director of Time to Home, and looked at the dance partner.

"I did not really understand what happened when we read our names, it's amazing," Stokke says, "who believes that Einar is having a party tonight.

– Guaranteed, she says.

Finalists in the first attempt

When Dagbladt met the finalists at the beginning of the week, they could also tell them to give the whole final – something they once proved to everyone.

While Jan Gunnar did not hide the fact that he knew there were important things to happen on Saturday night, Rika said it was an adventure to join the program with the former football player.

It was the first time that the professional dancer had participated in the competition, so she was proud and humble that she had gone all the way.

"It was a very special trip, added Jan Gunar.

The couple stood several times together and thanked all the competitors. They should also answer rumors if they became more friends during the whole season.

short: Helen Olpsen did not appear in the final "We Should Dance".
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Friendship for life

Einar and Annette, for their part, could say it was crazy to be in the final.

– Quite unrealistic. It is difficult to expect ahead of the beginning of the season to be in the final, admitted Annette, who had been with several seasons in the past.

Although the couple had to thank Mr. II in second place, there were no safe mines to follow the night.

"It was a wonderful finale and it's a very enjoyable experience to stand here, along with two amazing dancers Einar and Annette, I felt like I was giving it all today, and I'm sure it's a good number 2. It means a lot to me and I'm grateful to everyone who voted for us. Victory to reach the finals and I can not do anything else, "says Jan Gunnar to Dagbladet.

Finalists: Ann Gunnar and Einar are this year "we need to dance" – the finalists, but you can not know about them.

Reporter: Henrietta Ilertsen
Video: Helen Skogstad
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