Saturday , October 23 2021

Women walk around after the Helga Ingstad accident


In closed social media groups it is similar to women's ability to navigate Frigate, following the accident with KNM Helge Ingstad.

"It's a matter of its unreasonableness to be presented as if we were the cause of the accident, even once on board," some female navigators say in a joint statement Aftenposten.

One of the reasons for the completion of the women is the article of the Armed Forces Forum in 2017, which has recently been widely shared in social media. Here it seems that four of the five navigators on the Helga Ingest Kannel were women when the report was written.

The editor, Helga Lurås, also used the article as a backdrop in his comment on the loss, perceiving the proportion of women in the armed forces and its impact on a professional "culture".

"A mixture of women and men in their most hormonal age makes it dynamic rather than if there were only men on board." A culture tailored to women weakens the armed forces and makes it less effective, he says to the artist.

This will allow discrimination and gender equality Hanne Bjurstrøm to respond.

"This is the low goal of Helga Lurås. He does not give the impression that there is an insight into what the armed forces are today.

"We live in 2018." The place of women in all spheres of life and life levels is still a topic while people are both well educated and enlightened, saying a lot about those who express such attitudes, "says Navy Commander, Kontmiriral Nils Andreas Stensønes.

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