Igor Surkis – about the change of coach: "Khatskevich running out of contract, but I look at how the team progresses"


Igor Surkis – about the change of coach: "Khatskevich running out of contract, but I look at how the team progresses"

President Dynamo still not ready to talk about training and castling in the Kiev club.

President Dynamo Igor Surkis commented on the possible change of the team's main coach at the end of the season, saying that so far none of the potential candidates for the role of White-Blue teacher have been in touch.

"I think about it." Jose Kekevich ends, but I have not talked to anyone.mykhaylychenko works as a sports manager, I consult with him, but no more.I look at the quality of the team as it progresses. "At the end of the season we will have time, we will decide," quotes Professor Surkis.

Alexander Khatskevich led by Dynamo in the summer of 2017. Before working in Kiev, Belarusian also trained Minas Dynamo, Vitebsk, Dynamo -2, as well as the youth and major teams of Belarus. With Kiev Khatskevich won the Ukrainian Super Cup in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that as the successor of Khatskevich, the founders of the club see the current sports director Alexey Mikhailichenko.

Dynamo this season did not win one cup. Kievans lost their chance to become champions after the victory of miner today at Zorya.

In the next round Dynamo will play with Shakhtar in Kharkov. The game will take place on May 22, the game begins at 19:30.

We weigh wisely: how smart scales replace physical tests.


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BenFred: The best game of the Blues season has sharks and rackets at the shallow end of Ben Fredrickson


Since Blues replaced the gloomy days of BC (before the heads) for the sun of the AD (after December), they collected an impressive collection of victories, which according to the claim, could be their best name.

The team with the most wins since the calendar overturned 2019 played its perfect match here on Sunday in the 5-0 break of the sharks.

Think about the circumstances. Understand the nuances. Let the stage he sets sink into.

"We'll talk about it when we get there," replied Alexander Stein when asked about winning within Kling's first win of the Stanley Cup Stanley Cup since 1970.

Fair enough that there is so much to discuss from this control.

How about the start, when goalkeeper Jordon Bennington reacted to the early scare of Avender's dance and Keen the message by saving the next five shots that came quickly in a fashion fire.

Or we have to jump all the way to the end when the Blues owner Tom Stillman watched a clip of the clock party at the corporate center, where more than 10,000 Blues fans celebrated the 11th best-win franchise the following year.

"They threw away their hats!" Said Steelman.

You should have seen the smile of Dan Schwartz when he heard the second trick of the postmaster's hat that made Blue clean. And to the fan at the SAP center who brought a blues hat to ice despite the best efforts of shark fans to intervene, well done.

Schwarz now has more goals in this postseason (12) than he had in the most regular season of his career (11). It should be difficult to find a better microcosm of this team. But the point is, it's not difficult. at all. You can not throw an arrow in this roster without beating persistence and embodiment.

Each player has his next moment. We wondered what would happen if everyone pressed at once. No more wondering.

Bennington was invincible as his San José counterpart Martin Jens and his suspect glove side were to take advantage of. The sharks could get up in five minutes. Instead of San Jose trailing thanks to an Oscar Sudquist who earned the cycle of Eric Carlson. It was a catalyst of a fourth line again. Sometimes, it was the best blues. The same applies to the third. Not on a Sunday.

We said that the big stars of the Blues must come up in this series. to check. Each member on the top row had a name card for the media room after Sunday.

Vladimir Tresenko, who was publicly challenged by coach Craig after a bad luck game 1, had a tornado of physical and assistant, and the most beautiful shots you'll see, a rocket that left the Jouns clinging to the air. The top line yielded four goals, three assists, and a one-time barion by Bryden Shen, who at the end of the second period wrapped Brent Burns and Justin Brown in a head lock and held their heads. The only thing missing was a spin.

Remember that a second tranquilizing period that has often been blues islands since January and almost caused them in game 4? It was a place to be found Sunday, instead replaced by blues outside shooting 20-6 sharks in the period promised to lead three goals. Bravo.

A quick check on special teams showed the blues killed in two penalties, scoring on the only truly power-changing game, a five-point advantage over three that promised to lead four goals.

Sharks' frustration increased during the period. San Jose's anger rises with bruises. Blow the Blows The blues have been deposited on their opponents since the first game paying dividends.

Carlson is no longer a smart cracker on blues and cares more about hitting than hockey. He can not hide his groin pains until San Jose coach Pete Davor admitted that starting on Sunday is a mistake. Blues's Alex Pietrangelo hit the snow for Joe Pavelski of Sharks. Thomas Hartal also left early to cool his wounds.

DeBoer complains louder than ever about the physicality of the blues, which is humorous because he was the one who put forward Michael Hailey into the game to start fighting.

And it was the sharks, not the blues, who were punished for deep breath here – stumble, high glue, rough, interference, athletic behavior, inappropriate behavior, stumble (again), porter disorder, slashing and misconduct (again) III.

What team was it again that cared more about hitting than hockey?

I would call Duvour the most confused man in the building, but there were sharks' fans-before they headed for the departures with 13 minutes to go-who had the courage to sing disdain to ice officials. Probably forgot their team won the game 3 thanks to non-reading by Timo Mayer. It is the same illustrator who praised the happiest player in the league, the one who spent the last few minutes of the Sunday chasing a cheap shot on the knee of Pietergello.

Sharks are losing the cool, no matter how many gestures Thornton NBC shows. Blues are at its best. Bruins wait.

"We're very close now," said the blues forward Pat Marron. "The guys know it, it's in the back of the head, but we know it's a good hockey team there, too, they will not give up."

Another game like this, and the next blues flight will be Boston.


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Price of the dollar in Argentina for Sunday, May 19, 2019 | Exchange Rates Argentine Peso BCRA Argentina Economy Markets


God exchange rate of dollar in Argentina It is on the rise this Sunday for profit taking after the bullish days for more generous April inflation, in times of tension for the presidential election race in October amid recession economy.

God dollar Wholesaler valued 0.36% to 44.96 Argentine pesos to the dollar, respectively expected due to the recent strength of the US currency in global markets.

Mexico: How much does the dollar trade on Friday, May 17, 2019?
Venezuela: knowing here the price of the dollar today Friday, May 17, 2019
How do trade wars affect emerging economies like Peru?

On the other hand, the foreign currency of the fringes rose 0.11% to 46.05 units, traders said, in the context of a very slight drop in Lalyq.

In addition, the financial market was adjusted for liquidity dancing following the assumption of four foreign currency bills in the amount of $ 1,202.3 million, at a rate of 4.25% per annum.

The fall in the retail price index will help the president re-aspirate Mauricio Macri, Which faces daily social distress and the distress of the financial markets. Inflation in the fourth month of the year was 3.4%, compared with a forecast of 4.0% in Reuters and 4.7% in March.

Buenos Aires's S & P Merval Index lost 1.41% to 33,415.75 points at 13:10 local time (1610 GMT) after a bullish opening and gaining 5.01% in the last three sessions. With an annual cost of 55.8%, the adjustment for inflation is automatically applied to the company's balance sheet with a closing on April 30.

Over-the-counter sovereign bonds shed 0.7% on average, with lead sales in very liquid paper, in turn, the Argentine state risk prepared by the bank JP Morgan rose 13 units to 932 basis points, while on Thursday fell to 903 units.

"It is important that after three months in which inflation has increased compared to the previous month, in April it began to fall," said Minister makes, Nicholas Dujovne, in radio statements.

"We are doing the right thing to lower the inflation rate, and there is a very limited fiscal policy … in which the central bank no longer finances the treasury, we have the relative prices of equilibrium … and a kind of competitive change, He added.


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Update on May 20: MU hopes to buy De Liget. Real set a bad record. Compani left Man City – a sports and cultural newspaper


  1. Update on May 20: MU hopes to buy De Liget. Real set a bad record. Compani left Man City Sports & Culture Journal
  2. Companie is leaving the city, returning to the coach of the VnExpress family
  3. Compani is a coach and player in the old football team
  4. Companie said goodbye to Mann City after more than a decade of sticking to Lao Dong
  5. After the trible, Captain Mann City suddenly returned to his homeland as Coach Tian Phong
  6. See Panoramic information in Google News


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Kawhi pulls the leg and leg after victory: "I'm good"


Toronto – So much of the season for Kawhi Leonard with Toronto Raptors has been spent on load management.

Well, the load management came out the window on Sunday night.

With his team's season on the line, Leonard played a 52-minute career on Sunday night – almost everyone comes after he clumsily landed on the Leop in the first quarter – and put his last line of stars, ending with 36 points, nine rebounds and five assists to lead the Raptors His win 118-112 overtime doubles on the Milwaukee Bucks in the 3rd game of the Eastern Finals.

The win brought the Raptors back to the series, as they are now going to the Bax in the best affair of seven – mostly thanks to Leonard's last heroism, which came exactly a week after Leonard kept the season of Toronto here. His amazing buzz to close the Eastern semifinals.

"He likes this game of basketball," Raptors maintain Kyle Laurie later said ESPN. "That's what he was, he likes basketball, to play pain, to play anything to win, that's what's proven tonight."

The subject of how injured Leonard never went after he landed awkwardly in the first quarter and returned to court and bouncing on one leg. It looked at the same time that his left foot was bothering him – just him, later in the game, catching his right foot after he got off the field and skied for a massive left with a free hand break with 3:13 left overtime.

After the game, however, Raptors downplay each problem. The Toronto coach Nick Nurse said he thought Leonard was "OK" and Leonard himself dismisses any reason to expect him to miss any time in this series.

"I'm good," he said. "I'm just going to fight, I'm going to play."

However, he admitted it took him a high price to play him in high career minutes to drag the Raptors to victory.

"Definitely," he said, when asked whether it felt like he had played so much. "It's 52 minutes, and it's the playoffs, so you definitely feel it, when you play 30 minutes you feel it still.

"Just need not worry about it and get my treatment and move on to the next."

When Lowry fouled halfway through the fourth quarter, it was fair to wonder if there would be any relevant next at all considering the loss was there in the Toronto 3-0 Deadly Series. The referees led almost all the regulation, almost all the time, but did so with almost all their points from five players: Leonard, Pascal Siekam (25), Marc Gasol (19), Norm Powell (19) and Laurie (11).

At the end of the regulation, however, Laurie and Powell were both fouled out, leaving the nurse to scramble and play Fred VanVleet and Danny Green for the overtime – during which each one hit the first, and only shots of the game, both behind the 3-point line.

Laurie, meanwhile, spent at least half the time in his usual seat on the edge of the bench, often doing everything but looking at the field while his teammates tried to keep his season alive without him.

"I was'nt [watching]"Laurie told ESPN," I was just trying to get the ball in. But when you believe in my teammates like me, you just have to support them and do whatever you can.

"It's the only thing, it was a pacifier, but we won, so that's really what matters."

The fact that the Raptors had done so was, as usual, much to Leonard's. While the Nurse did not change his initial lineup, he changed both rounds and defense tasks – including the fact that Leonard spent more time on the NBA's most valuable player, the most important player, Jannis Antactoncompo, than in the first game.

After defending him in only three shots through the first two games, Antetokounmpo went 1 for 9 and scored two points when saved by Leonard in Match 3, according to ESPN's statistics group statistics. When Antetokounmpo against someone else, he was 4-for-7, scored 10 points.

"Listen, I think Cauchy is the best basketball player in the NBA," Laurie told ESPN. "I personally believe that.

"And when you have such a guy, who can do the things he can do defensively, and in offense, you put him on the best player when you need to."

The reptiles needed it, and it worked. Antetokounmpo eventually fouled out the second overtime trying to draw a fee on Siakam, finishing the night with 12 points, 23 rebounds, seven assists, four blocks and eight turnover.

It was also a two-seater Bounceback performance – 25 points, 11 rebounds and three steals – Vegas – 16 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists and five blocks – after both wrestled with the first two games of the series.

It was two of Syakam's free fireworks at the end of the regulation, however, that gave Harris Middleton a chance to tie the game in seconds to the dying and send the overtime competition.

When the game was over, however, and the victory in hand, Leonard was not tired enough to avoid giving his teammate a hard time.

"[I told him] "Damn it, we played an hour of basketball tonight," Leonard said with a smile, "he was like, my bad, Cao, I'll do those two shots next time."

But this night, it was no harm, not bad for Toronto. It was because, for the last time this season, and for the second time a week, Leonard wanted Raptors to win.

Now they will just have to do it again three times in the next four games if they make it to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history.

"I just want to win," Leonard said. No one wants to go home, we want to go on with that effort, and that's it.

"That's why I'm proud of myself [playing] The two ends of the floor, and that's what happens. "


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Game of Throne, History – News Display


The fans of the series, in Switzerland, had the glasses although the night time was not to be missed. The Beauvais gathered on Sunday night, several dozen people at the "Pata" cinema, for the last meeting. Swiss TV RTS released the episode at the same time as the American HBO in English with French subtitles.

In America alone came the HBO series, with the addition of about 43 million people. Sad about the end of many fans, but also the heroes. At the same time, some of you have confessed their loyalty.

That's what writing, Emilia Clark, Drachenkönigin Daenerys Targaryen played, on Instagram: "This woman has all my heart sued." There is a series as a woman, an actress and a marked man. Love, magic fans must thank you very much. "Without you, we do not have, and now, our countdown."

Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark embodies, writes that she was with the great series, I am in love with her and will never forget what you taught them. Without this experience, she would not be the man today. She also thanked the fans. You will do it most of all, others are missing.

Fans, but after the departure of "GoT", to other fantasy stories are hoping, for the cult series of the year. HBO already has a spin-off planned thousands of years before the events in the "GoT" case also plays on the fictional, Wistrous Continent. When the series "Hollywood star Naomi Watts (50," King Kong ") see, but it is not clear.

Streaming, the giant Netflix has the rights to tell the series "The Chronicles of Narnia" saved, a competitor of Amazon promises "Lord of the Rings" series. In addition, he can by Reissues media series of "Avatar" and "Conan the Barbarian" to give. For fantasy, innovation is also spectacular in the "game of chairs" of the final guarantee.



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OnePlus Signature pop-up store to experience OnePlus 7 Pro opens in Delhi


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The OnePlus Experience Pop-Up event is a one-month event held at the City-Walk Sack mall in Saket.

The long lines winding around the Beetle City Wok Mall in South Delhi, we are not surprising. Delhi knew that OnePlus would unveil its popular store in the pop-up store on May 17. After all, members of the OnePlus community were given the opportunity to experience and buy the company's new OnePlus Pro.

The OnePlus Experience Pop-Up event is a one-month event held at the City-Walk Sack mall in Saket. On the first day of the event, hundreds of people line up to experience the new handsets.

Walking through OnePlus's shop The pop-up store experience in Delhi is an amazing experience in itself. The shop has a glass floor with OnePlus phones displayed below. The pop-up shop stands out from outside, and it seems to have been made in huge screens instead of walls. The screens give a glimpse of OnePlus 7 even before you go into the store.

The inside of the store will no doubt be a pleasure to all the OnePlus fans given it has on showcase the OnePlus 7 Pro flagship, which they can experience and even buy. The interior design of the store is a great pristine white display on the interior walls playing OnePlus 7 Pro videos will surely attract attention.

oneplus pop up shop, oneplus pop up shop delhi, oneplus pop up shop address, oneplus 7 pro, oneplus 7 pro features, oneplus 7 pro hands on, oneplus 7 pop shop pro, oneplus 7 pro pop up, oneplus 7 pro pop up shop Delhi
OnePlus Pop-Up Shop gave users hands-on experience of OnePlus 7 Pro.

The store is one of its kind and the move is unprecedented by the smart brand in India. But the star attraction should be the new flagship OnePlus 7 Pro, launched just days ago. The phone comes with a front-spring camera, a 90Hz display, and triple rear cameras.

OnePlus will also host exclusive workshops for members of the community as well as other exciting events such as gaming leagues, content creation and photography workshops throughout the month. OnePlus also gave exclusive products, including OnePlus Type-C Bullets, Netflix and Amazon Vouchers, along with OnePlus back bags, OnePlus carry bags and OnePlus never reconcile. T-shirts on her pop-up event.

OnePlus 7 Pro is the company's latest flagship phone and is priced at Rs. 48,999.

OnePlus pop-up stores have been a huge hit with its fans, who are waiting in line to get their hands on the latest flagship ships. In addition to New Delhi, OnePlus limited stock stores have been established in six other major cities across India – Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Ahmedabad.

OnePlus 7 Pro is the company 's latest flagship phone and is priced from Rs 48,999 for 6GB RAM and 128GB storage option. The 8GB RAM and 256GB storage alternative will cost Rs 52,999, while the option has 12GB RAM as well, which is priced at Rs 57,999 and comes with 256GB storage.

Read also | OnePlus 7 Pro Review: flagship on steroids, yet with budget pricing

Among its main features are a glass body design, a 6.7-inch 2k Super AMOLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate, the latest Snapdragon 855 processor, and a 16MP motorized self-popping camera. It sports triangular cameras behind, a combination of a 48MP primary sensor, a secondary 8MP camera, and a third 16MP camera. OnePlus 7 Pro can be purchased in the Blue, Mirror Gray, and almond color options.


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Carl Sagan's dream: they are looking for the first time a spaceship to fly with solar energy – 05/19/2019


23 years after the death of Carl Sagan, the idea of ​​a ship driven by Light particles, Designed by the famous scientist of science, will be launched into space on June 22 on a Falcon Heavy X-type space. Is LightSail 2, a CubeSat satellite, the size of a loaf of bread, weighing 5 kg.In its goals are scientific data collection and improved control of the "solar sail" but also the discovery of geomagnetic storms in the sun.If successful, Leave the Earth using sunlight.

In this case, these are not the glittering space trips, financed by international consortia, but rather a slow and economical journey, in charge of planetary society. LightSail 2 is designed to get the gentle urge of photons and heavy ions in its sails, from A similar way how to craft land use wind power to move.

LightSail 2 will be placed in orbit, during the seventh day of the Falcon Heavy crossing, by Prox-1.

LightSail 2 will be placed in orbit, during the seventh day of the Falcon Heavy crossing, by Prox-1.

This project is designed to prove that solar navigation is feasible as a propulsion method for small satellites. And if the tests succeed, in the coming years, they can be programmed Search ships Mars Mars or Saturn, On long-range missions, since the source of energy is inexhaustible for these modules.

"Forty years ago, Professor Carl Sagan shared his dream of using a ship with solar sails to explore the universe, thousands of people from all over the world came together and supported this idea, we could not do it without them." Carl Sagan and colleagues Bruce Murray and Louis Freedman, have created our organization to train people everywhere and advance in space science, "said Bill Nye, CEO of Planetary Society.

The advantage of a solar boat is this Never run out of fuel And although the acceleration of light is small – from 1 to 10 kiloelectronvoltios (keV) – it is always constant. Unlike a spaceship with chemical rockets to burn their propulsion in stages to smooth out the rest of the time, solar sails do not stop accelerating, achieving more stable speeds.

After LightSail 2 came into orbit 720 km, Where the acceleration of sunlight exceeds the atmospheric drag, Open her four candles. This structure includes a combined area of ​​32 square meters and 4.5 microns thickness, a quarter of the thickness of the waste bag.They are made with a polyester called Mailer.

Latest tests in LightSail 2

Latest tests in LightSail 2

This task has a lot of experimental physics and one of its biggest challenges will be to keep the instrument navigating very close to the atmosphere of the Earth through the solar wind particles, which have relatively low energy making them easy to control.

The satellite will travel to space on the Space Program of the Department of Defense (STP-2), which will send 24 spacecraft on three different routes. "LightSail is technically wonderful, but it's surprisingly romantic.We'll sail on the sun," said Nye.

Look, too

To maintain this cubic satellite stability, there are three electromagnetic rods that interact with the earth's magnetic field. And to measure the impact of the sun's rays, the base has Lasers allow to quantify the amount of energy processed by candles.

The LightSail 2 will be on orbit during the seventh day of the Prox-1 crossing, a 61-cm-linked device originally designed by the US Institute of Technology to conduct close-to-space reconnaissance missions Other.

To return from Earth orbit you will need a higher speed. It will get it And adjusted the candle in such a way that it captures a larger amount of light particles. To march the march, it would be enough to align the candle towards the opposite photons.

Look, too

Another one of the connections would be to know What acceleration can you achieve in space. With instruments in orbit, the goal is to see how much motivation they need to move away from the Earth's magnetic field and begin exploring deep space.

The first attempt to send a vehicle powered by a solar sail entered space in 2005. On this occasion the results were not expected. Cosmos 1 did not reach the path he defined. The rocket in which he was to take off was guilty and some years passed a new experience.

To keep this cubic satellite stable, it has three electromagnetic rods that interact with the Earth's magnetic field

To keep this cubic satellite stable, it has three electromagnetic rods that interact with the Earth's magnetic field

Next to use the solar sail system will be NASA NEA Scout, which will be launched to the moon on the first flight of the SLS (Space Launch System) and will use the solar sail. This undisclosed robotic reconnaissance mission will deploy to fly and retrieve data from an asteroid near Earth.

post Scriptum.


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Watertown Daily Times SpaceX, Boeing and Blue Source Fuel comeback on Florida beach shore


The crowd was packed along that stretch of beach, cameras ready. Their eyes trained on the site that sent men to the moon 50 years ago, but reborn as the rod for another powerful rocket ready to fly.

The scene here last month was familiar and nostalgic, and the revival was renewed. But it was quite different. The rocket on the pillow, the Falcon Heavy, was developed not by NASA but by a private company, SpaceX.

Many in the audience were not born when Walter Cronkite described the moon landing for millions this section of the coastline held a sacred stain in the national consciousness. Instead, in the years since the Apollo period, Cape has become a symbol of abandoned dreams and the narrow ambitions that led to the departure of the space shuttle eight years ago and the end of the human space from American soil.

Now, however, Space Coast is back. A host of companies have claimed the old government Launchpads. Buildings that remained empty were torn or rebuilt. And the Cape is again on the verge of sending humans back into space for the first time since 2011, the new crescendo, revigorated the space age that many hopes will restore the pride waving the flag of yesteryear.

But today, the new space age is built on the capital of private enterprise, subject to the vagaries of the economy. And as the next chapter of America's great space adventure, the future of the Space Coast is far from assured.

This is where the space age was born, with heroes named John Glen, Neil Armstrong and Sally Ride. This is where the compressed and packed beaches before launch, counting down at once, and caught the imagination of the world. And then it is not.

■ Playback

At the dawn of the space age, this fast coastal strip soon became a thriving prosperity. By the Cold War hitting the Soviet Union to the moon, the population soared with engineers and rocket scientists. Astronauts with the "right stuff" are trained by running on the beach during the day and partied at night on the Coco Beach strip filled with clubs and restaurants then.

If Cape was a cathedral, it would launch a 39A complex. Built for Apollo missions, its turret stood more than 500 meters high and launched Apollo astronauts to the moon in July 1969 on the Saturn V rocket so powerful it was like an earthquake.

After Apollo, the 39A was reborn as host to the space shuttle launch. But when the shuttle program was shut down after a 30-year run, the launch site began to submerge in the salty air, joining many other rapists abandoned by Cape as the ruins of a great civilization.

At the height of the recession, the unemployment rate in the Braward County, where the space market is largely based, rose to 12 percent. The real estate market plummeted.The median price of single homes decreased from almost $ 250 thousand in 2007 to less than $ 100 thousand by 2011.

"What we did not expect was (the shuttle's departure) to be consistent with the recession – the deepest and longest recession," said Linda Wuthman, president and chief executive officer of the Space Coast Economic Development Committee.

By 2013, maintenance on the 39A cushion would cost NASA $ 100,000 per month and even a spokesman had admitted then that the launcher was "not saved up." Since the facility is on the National Register of Historic Places, it could not be torn. Desperate to find someone to use it – even a start-up that unreasonably leads the commercialization of space.

SpaceX, a California venture founded by Alon Mosk, looked for the new launch and won the rights to take over the site. The company promised contracts from NASA to carry cargo to the International Space Station, and won strong commercial launch contracts that went abroad. With the growing manifestation, and perhaps a ticking belief in the future, SpaceX sought expansion.

Others arrived soon.

Blue Origin, founded by Jeff Bezos, made a last-minute offer to declare a 39A, touching the feud with Musk's SpaceX. But without a missile capable of flying from the site, the blue source was rejected. (Bezos owns the Washington Post.)

Instead, he looks up at another fading remnant, a launcher 36, just down the road. Up to 145 launches, including the Mariner mission, which sent deep probes to the solar system, were also wasted. In 2015, Blue Origin reached a deal to take it on a new rocket it is developing, named New Glen.

Blue Origin has also established a massive missile production facility nearby with expansion plans. Across the street, OneWeb, a satellite company that wants to create a global Internet system that is transferred from space, also has a new factory.

Boeing has taken over an old space shuttle processing facility where it is building a spacecraft designed to fly NASA astronauts into space for another launch launch.

And NASA is developing a massive rocket, the space launch system, which it hopes will help astronauts to the Moon within five years.NASA is raging to launch its first launch, with the Orion team capsule, built by Lockheed Martin, the ground next year.

■ Playback

The future of the space coast is also being written by small start-ups that begin to appear in an industry that has been dominated by large government programs and complex military contractors.

A San Francisco-based company called Relativity, founded by former Blue Origin and SpaceX employees, is working on a rocket built entirely by three-dimensional printing. The goal is to be able to launch small satellites quickly and affordably. Recently, the company signed an agreement to take over the launch of Cape 16.

At the door, at Launchpad 20, another start-up, Firefly, intends to launch rockets and is planning to build a nearby facility.

In general, the activity helps NASA realize its goals of transforming the Kennedy Space Center from a government-controlled facility into one with a large number of residents presenting a new space economy.


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Outside: Herbert Kickle loses the sheriff's star


Vienna – Herbert Kickel must leave the Interior Ministry. "I assume that the federal chancellor will also propose to the federal president to dismiss the interior minister from government responsibility," Chancellor Gernot Blumel said on Sunday evening at the ORB's ZiB 2. He is responsible for his potential layoffs, not his controversial administration, but Ibiza's video, in which Vice President Heinz-Christchurch Strach, may refer to unfair party financing practices. At the time of Kickel's confession, the secretary-general was general.

This serves as an argument for ÖVP to get the Minister of Interior at the top of the chain of investigation has been replaced. The FPÖ will use these layoffs as a recruiting tool for the upcoming elections.

That Kickle worked on the latter with his entry into the government a true fan base core liberal core. It was not so because he wanted to introduce police mounted, but now he was able to implement the difficult foreign policy that FPÖ had been pushing for years.

The Bat affair as excitement

Border control is of course a matter of interior minister, reception centers of refugees being renamed exit centers, otherwise 1.5 years are to be tightened as much as possible. Kickel sought the balance between the satisfaction that the receiver numbers were sinking and warnings that everything might get worse again.

Incidentally, he likes to provoke, for example, when he wants to "concentrate" refugees or when he says that the law must act according to policy. Who knows how easily the Minister of the Interior can formulate, perhaps assume that these were not always involuntary rhetorical discrimination.

At least so much attention in his short term, Kickel, excited by the so-called Bat affair, culminating in another illegal search warrant published in the Federal Office for the Defense of the Constitution and the Fight Against Terrorism. Attempts to get authority from Peter Gridding outside the office, failed. Regardless of this, the international reputation of the Austrian Constitution of protection suffered considerably. Foreign services apparently reduced cooperation to a minimum.

Reconstruction of the Ministry of the Interior

It had to be a cycl in the first place to get the interior department a deep black color from the sphere of influence of the People's Party. The old secretary of liberty was sitting on a new secretary-general in the department, Peter Goldgruber, probably a mistake. After all, Kickle survived the membership of the commission of inquiry more than he had been suspected before, partly because he was virtually free of Goldgruber.

The fact that Kickel does not trust ÖVP is not only since the move to the Interior Ministry. For years he was considered a prominent liberal, who tended to red or black. Kickle was also the only one who never wanted to join the turquoise blue harmony and set up a fairly independent course.

Nevertheless, the former author, Jörg Heiders, was a close associate of Heinz-Christian Stratz. Quite a few believe that its rise would not have been possible without the former school of ex-chairman of Greenland, Eva Galvich, and in any case, as Secretary-General, he headed several successful elections, albeit with dubious methods or slogans such as " "Or" Pomeran instead of Mosein ", to mention two examples.

Bitch sheep suspect Kickle

Although Kickel always shared the blue course with foreign policy, he was not considered an ideological wing of the FPÖ. In particular, members of the liberal ranks tended to suspect him. He did not disagree with the right-wing parties in the international arena. For example, in 2016 he was a guest speaker at the Congress of the "defenders of Europe" in Linz, a performance which was accused of being loved by political opponents to this day.

Kiddle never pushed Kickel. During Haider's time, he was in the second row, which he remained "fundamentally blue" of BZÖ, surprised some, but paid off to him. Kickel rose to the mouth of the party, the man on whom any relevant decision had been made. Nevertheless, he hesitated when Strache wanted to hand him over to the Interior Ministry. He'd rather be a club manager. Outwardly he never left such sensitivities. On the contrary, Kickel celebrated a provocative-offensive appearance in parliament.

Sometimes it seems like a role, because in personal relationships the interior minister, who is about to recall, is far from gloomy as it appears in front of the cameras. Kickl should not be deleted yet, the extreme runner has also proved a political stamina and he will certainly occupy a prominent position in the National Council's election campaign, whether as a top candidate or as the first supporter of Norbert Hooper. (APA)

Herbert Kickel (FPÖ)

Herbert Kickel (FPÖ)



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